Mind-boggling brainteaser challenges people to find the car which ISN'T carrying a baby in less than 35 seconds

SITTING in traffic on a long road trip is only fun if you excel at car games.

Exercise those "seek and find" muscles with a brainteaser that brings the most enjoyable part of long summer drives home.

The brainteaser is courtesy of DiscoverCars.com, and it may take you a while to solve.

Here's what you're looking for: in the back of each car, except one, is a Baby On Board sign.

The sign might be a triangle, a hexagon, or another shape. Only one car in the above image has no sign.

In other words, you're looking for the one family having a kid-free vacation!

The record for finding the signless car is only 35 seconds, so the puzzle is not an easy solve.

You probably see plenty of Baby On Board signs on the road, but in case you need a reminder, here's what the signs in the picture look like:

If it's taking you a while, don't feel bad – there are 55 cars in the image!

You could take the image row by row, seeking out every car individually.

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Or pick a color of car, and work your way through every vehicle in groups.

Ready for some hints?

The car you're looking for is green.

If you're looking at the three "lanes" of traffic, the car in question is third from the left.

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Did you spot the car with no Baby On Board sign? Congrats!

Share the puzzle with your friends and family and see if they can beat your record, or the 35-second "speed run."

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