Mum bags £867 worth of groceries for just £26 thanks to coupons – & it takes her NINE hours to pack her shopping

A MUM managed to bag herself £867 worth of groceries for a mere £26 – all thanks to coupons. 

Faatima spends 30 hours a week painstakingly cutting coupons out of 200 newspapers she buys, before matching them up with deals online. 

The mum, from Detroit, has spent the last two years couponing, and has now amassed a stockpile worth £11,057 ($15,000). 

Faatima, who appeared on TLC, showed off her mammoth haul which is so big it takes up two rooms in her house – and there’s enough to feed her family for two years. 

Among her stockpile is 80 bottles of laundry detergent, 200 bottles of bath salt, 200 boxes of dental floss, as well as £1,000 worth of milk and her ‘wall of water’ made up of 3,000 bottles. 

The 34-year-old said: “This is my precious stockpile. It’s worth about £11,057 ($15,000), but I only paid about £368 ($500), or less.”

But she doesn’t keep everything for herself, as she donates what she has excess of, giving away half of her 1,000 cans of dog food to a shelter. 

Faatima didn’t always use coupons, but said: “Before I started using coupons I would spend a ton of money and I felt I didn’t get nothing.”

Her husband, Brian, admitted: “When Faatima first brought up the idea of couponing, I thought she lost her mind. I don’t think she’s crazy any more.” 

Now she doesn’t shop without them, claiming: “It’s like a tragedy when a coupon expires. I feel like I’ve lost a family member.”

As well as saving money, Faatima reveals her ultimate goal is to save enough money – and have enough resources – to move to Hawaii. 

“It costs a lot to live in Hawaii. So we’re trying to save everything. Because if don’t save, we don’t move. Coupons is the key to get us out of here,” she said.

She meticulously collects each coupon, and after organising all her booklets, Faatima enlists Brian and daughter, Tequila, to help, as she heads to the store armed with more than 1,000 coupons.

Her savvy couponing means she makes £221 ($300) on a cereal box deal, which she calls ‘overage’, saying this will fund the things she doesn’t have coupons for. 

She uses this excess to pay for high-cost items like meat, saying: “I only buy meat once every three months. So when I buy it I stockpile it.”

The trio spend five hours on the shop floor grabbing deals, which include 1200 boxes of cereal, 200 bags of rice and 350 beverages. 

As she approaches the cashier with her nine trolleys piled with groceries, she says: “I’m going to apologise for all of this now.”

But with less than 300 of her 2,000 items scanned, disaster strikes as the cash register breaks. 

The store manager moves the sale to another register – but the same thing happens again.

“I have never in my life broken a register, and I didn’t break one register I broke two registers.

“We weren’t even half way through the order before it crashed,” Faatima explained. 

The manager reboots the system, to no avail, as he revealed the software simply didn't have enough memory to process her mammoth shopping order.

They get around the issue by grouping the items together, and Faatima is finally able to scan all her shopping – which comes to a whopping £867 ($1,176.67). 

Then it’s the moment she’s been waiting for – the coupons. 

Faatima hands over 1,100 coupons, which the cashier has to painstakingly sort and input manually.

After nine hours in the store – which has actually closed as they’ve spent so long inside – the cashier finally uses up the last of the coupons and reveals her final total is just £26 ($35.38). 

Ecstatic, Faatima said: “I pulled off a major feat. I got nine baskets full of stuff.

“The store is actually closed now, we’ve been here nine hours.”

They finally load everything into the trailer, as she shared her wisdom for other shoppers who don’t use coupons, adding: “Get out here and get some of these deals.”

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