Mum of 10 reveals incredible amount of food her brood get through in one day – including a MOUNTAIN of bananas

A MUM of 10 has revealed the incredible amount of food her brood get through in just one day – including an enormous platter just for snacks and a mountain of bananas.

The Dougherty Dozen are a family of 12 from New York, who frequently share videos from their daily lives on their TikTok page.

But keeping such a large family fed and watered takes a lot of work, as the matriarch showed when she shared a new video detailing what her kids eat in one day.

"For breakfast they had waffles, bacon, strawberries and bananas," she began, showing a tray of 32 waffles, a plate of crispy bacon rashes, a bowl of cut up strawberries and a literal mountain of bananas.

Lunch was pizza rolls – a savoury snack popular in America consisting of dough, cheese and tomato sauce – served alongside grapes.

Perhaps the most impressive instalment on the day's menu was the "charcuterie" board that the family shared for the afternoon snack.

As the camera panned across the offering, viewers saw some cut up apple, slices of ham, popcorn, fish biscuits, pretzels, carrot sticks and pistachios.

For dinner, the mum was in charge of cooking spaghetti for her kids, which she managed to do in a giant roaster oven.

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The spaghetti was served with garlic bread and salad, while the family finished off their day's food with the chocolates from their advent calendars and some cookies they'd been gifted.

Commenting on the video, many people praised the mum for just how much work she puts in to preparing food for her kids.

"'I’m just gonna chill today' literally can’t exist. You’re awesome I am so proud," one person wrote.

"I want to be your child," someone else hilariously commented, while another added: "Can I be your 11th kid? Lol."

"You're such a good mom making all this food," another comment read.

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