Mum-of-21 shares incredible tour of their enormous home, including a library and the kids have their own bathroom

THE parents of 21 kids, Jared and Shelly Wallace have shown off their enormous home that leaves plenty of room for their large brood.

Although one would expect with such a large family like the Wallaces's would struggle to make room for everyone, the popular YouTubers – who go by the name "Crazy Middles" boast a stunningly large house.

Giving viewers a tour on YouTube, the Crazy Middles open the door of their home to reveal two entrances, one of which leads into two enormous dining rooms, each complete with long tables.

Speaking of the second living room, daughter Kylie said: "This is the black table room. A normal dining room table does not fit our whole family. Our table can almost fit everybody but not quite, but this back table really does help us."

Showing the large lining room with two lounge couches and two chairs, and bean bags, she added: "This is where we film most of our vlogs."

The family have 21 children, 19 of which are adopted. But not all of the children currently live in the impressively large home.


Kylie, 27, is Shelly's biological daughter and is married to Marc, so she no longer lives with the family. Jared and Shelly's son, Landon, age 13, is their only biological child in the home.

Moving on to the big white kitchen, Kylie says " this is where the magic happens.

Dad Jared said that the kitchen has been massively revamped recently.

"I wish we had some original photos of this room. There is still a lot for us to do in here" he said.

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Jared, Shelly and Kylie also show off numerous bedrooms, and bathrooms including one bathroom that is especially for the younger children.

"We call this the little kid's bathroom because the toilet is very small in here. It's just tiny, it's just for little kids" said Kylie.

The family also have a library and an enormous laundry room.

"This is our laundry room, it is really big because are constantly doing laundry. We go through so many washers and dryers" said, Kylie.

Jared said: "I have had these fixed multiple times."

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