Mum-of-two shares list of how to stay sane at home all day – & the key is only spending 15 mins one-on-one time per kid

BALANCING childcare and household chores can feel like a constant battle.

But one mum has created a handy checklist full of tips for keeping sane as a stay-at-home parent – including spending just 15 minutes one-on-one time per child each day.

In a post to Facebook group, the woman called Anna revealed how when her kids were one and three years old "everyday used to feel SO hard".

The mum explained: "Between trying to clean/organise the house and tend to the kids.

"All while I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained…"

She continued: "If you picture yourself as a laptop, we all have a 'bandwidth limit.'

I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained

"And like a lot of us mums, it’s probably a very low limit lately, as we’re just running so many 'open tabs' and feeling so burnt out in the first place.

"This has a knock on effect to your kids, your physical and emotional health and the well-being of the whole household!

"THERE IS NO 'TIME OFF' as a Stay at Home Mum."

She then revealed her top tips for finding some kind of balance – including spending just a small amount of quality time with your children, but doing it really well.

Announce 'special time' and simply hang out, distraction free, doing what they want to do!

The mum explained: "Spend just 15 to 20 minutes a day of one-on-one time with each child.

"They say that by turning off all distractions (ie. your phone) and letting your LO's know that you would like to spend some special time with them, that they feel more connected with you and therefore better in themselves and they'll actually bug you less because they know you're actually 'present' or emotionally available!

"Announce 'special time' and simply hang out, distraction free, doing what they want to do! (Other days you can choose the activity.)"

She also recommended making your bed, putting a load of washing on in the morning, and getting out the house.

I love this so much.

Her post was popular with group members who rushed to praise her for sharing the advice.

One person wrote: "I love this so so much."

Another commented: "I’m really enjoying your posts, they are so practical and useful!"

A third shared: "Love your posts."

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