Mum parodies lingerie model’s racy knicker snap with hilarious results

Laura, from Australia, who blogs and posts under Knee Deep in Life, shared a snap with her 74k followers of her recreating a lingerie model’s sexy snap in the back of a car.

Copying the model’s white underwear, Laura also got in the back of a car – but hers is filled with a ton of shopping bags.

Her realistic attempt of the photo has racked up more than 5,000 likes.

Laura captioned the image: “When in your head you have that body, but the reality is your love of carbs got in the way and it went from being sexy time, to telling your husband your m**** might have just engulfed a stray cheeto as your over grown bush weed bristle brushes the upholstery.”

And she shared the bonkers exchange between her and her husband, Steve, who is often the photographer of her alternative photo shoots.

She wrote: “Steve: hurry up.

“Me: alright!

“Steve: there is someone coming.

“Me: no there isn't.

“Steve: so that old lady walking behind me isn't a person?

“Me: f***!

“Steve: pretend to be looking for something!”

She finished her post by apologising to the OAP who may have had an eyeful.

The mum added: “I apologise to the elderly lady who saw way too much of my crack and hoof as I pretended to find a contact lense I do not wear. Poor b****.”

Her post has also racked up hundreds of comments, with one person saying: “I love that you have left your socks on!!”

Another person said: “Don't know what's more funnier: the pictures you post or the post it self. Howling.”

A third wrote: “Absolutely hilarious! Bloody love you !!”

Other said she “makes life better” and they were “crying with laughter”.

If you want more, here's Laura copying a very high-cut bikini pose.

And here’s what happened when she tried to squeeze in to a pair of spanx.

Laura needed a few emojis to cover her modesty when she recreated a ‘bow’ bikini.

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