Mum quoted £1.2k for kitchen makeover does it herself for just £60 using B&Q bargains

A MUM who was quoted £1,200 for a kitchen makeover has revealed how she did it herself for just £60.

Sammy Mason said she couldn't afford the professional job, so bought some fablon from B&Q instead.

Posting on Facebook's DIY on a Budget Official this morning, she revealed how she did the impressive job in a day.

"I literally Keep staring at my kitchen! Can’t believe I achieved this! If your in doubt honestly it’s so worth it," Sammy said.

"I got an idea in my head yesterday and I accomplished my project!

"I was quoted £1200 for these cupboards but couldn’t afford them so I thought I’d do it myself!

"I went to BNQ and got 6 rolls of light grey fablon at £6 a roll and 12 T-Bone handles at £5 a pack of two, whipped out the scissors bank card and hair dryer and went to work!

"It’s taken me nearly 12 hours non stop, 2 messed up so had to re do them, my 10 year old son helped me on the agreement I buy him a new Xbox controller – but I did it!

"I never want to see a roll of fablon again and it was pain stakingly fiddly but I’m so chuffed with the outcome!

"I do need ideas about the floor panels underneath the doors as they’re still the original wood colour, but other than that I have a new fresh bright kitchen for around £60!

"I used matte grey if your wondering what the colour is."

People were seriously impressed with Sammy's efforts, commenting: "Smashing.. well done" and "So much better".

Others gushed: "Clever you ! Looks beautiful, very light and looks more spacious".

While one bloke wrote: "That looks foooking fantastic, take a bow girl, that’s one hell of a transformation".

And a woman said: "Looks great you should be proud."

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