Mum shares kids’ bizarre Christmas list as they beg Santa for broccoli and GARLIC

A MUM was left baffled after her children made a very bizarre list of items for his Christmas list this year. 

Instead of the usual toys, her 12-year-old daughter requested broccoli, while her seven-year-old girl wanted garlic and a new hoover from Santa. 

She shared a photo of the puzzling list on the Facebook group Lockdown Tips & Ideas. 

The mum wrote: “Christmas list time… what’s the oddest thing your kids have asked for..??

“This year’s list includes a broccoli, garlic, giant Yorkshire pudding and a new Hoover.”

Also featured on the requests were a giant yorkshire pudding and new pjs, along the usual consoles like a PS5. 

Her post has racked up hundreds of likes from amused mums and dads – and some shared their own children’s unusual requests. 

One wrote: “My 8 year old daughter asked for men’s shaving foam.”

Another added: “One of mine asked for a big pan of spag Bol one year.”

And a third said: “My son at the age of 7 askes me for a packet of parazone toilet wipes.”

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