Mum shares 'no scrub' dishwasher cleaning hack to make your machine look 'brand new'

HANDS up if you hate scrubbing the dishwasher… if like us your arms shot up in an instant, then this simple 'no scrub' hack is certainly for you.

A mum-of-two shared a simple deep clean solution which uses just two basic household ingredients – and it will have the appliance looking and smelling brand new

Carolina McCauley, from Perth, Australia, said that dirt and grime can easily build up inside the dishwasher but bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar is all you need.

She also said you should clean it at least once a month to keep it running properly.

But once you see how easy it is to do, you might even do it more often.

Captioning the clip on TikTok, she wrote: "This is my quick and easy way to clean a dishwasher."

First, Carolina said you should sprinkle a touch of bicarbonate of soda (otherwise known as baking soda) into the machine behind the bottom rack.

"Leave the baking soda for one hour so that it absorbs fully," she instructed

Next, set your machine to a heavy cycle, and midway through, open it up and pour in two cups of white vinegar.

"Resume the cycle until it's complete," she continued.

Your dishwasher will be completely free of horrendous smells and dirt buildup by the time it's done – so easy.

The vinegar helps break down leftover food and grease while the bicarbonate of soda removes stains and eliminates odours – so you really can't get a more powerful duo.

Many who saw the clip were impressed by how simple it was, hundreds even admitted they'd NEVER cleaned theirs.

"Thanks for the tip, I'm trying this today," one woman posted.

While others tagged friends and said they couldn't wait to try it.

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