Mum shows off her immaculately organised laundry room after admitting she’s ‘embarrassed’ of the cluttered before pics

A MUM has shown off her immaculately organised laundry room – admitting she's "embarrassed" of the cluttered before pics.

In the first shots, shared on Facebook's Cleaning Tips & Tricks page, there are piles of kids' clothes on the floor and boxes of odds and sods on the shelves.

But it looks like a completely different room in the after pics, where all the clothes are tidied away, replaced with a cream rug.

And all that remains on the shelves is organised white baskets, which anyone from Mrs Hinch to Stacey Solomon would be proud of.

Family photo frames and a wall mounted iron are the only other items, alongside the washing machine, tumble drier and neat cupboards.

Posting on Facebook on New Year's Day, the mum said: "I finally organized my laundry room!

"I’m a little embarrassed of the before pics. But it doesn’t look that way anymore, and it never will again! Here are my Before & After pics."

Her fellow mums were seriously impressed and the post soon racked up 3,100 likes.

Commenting on the post, cleaning fans raved: "Looks absolutely fandabbidozzi.. Well done – bet it feels so much better? Loving the storage boxes".

Others raved: "Awesome job", "Wow!!" and "That is stunning".

Another mum said: "It’s a lovely, organized area,go you!!"

While one wrote: "Wow. What a result. Love. Don’t ever feel embarrassed. We have all been there. The main thing is that you dealt with it. Well done."

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