Mum’s a surgeon, these are the weird things she’s pulled from people’s bums… & some of them REALLY wanted to spice it up

AN AMERICAN student has revealed the weirdest things her trauma surgeon mum has pulled from people's bums after they've ended up in the emergency room.

In a series of TikTok clips, Leah Melle admits her "childhood was hilarious," as her doctor mum would share some of the most bonkers stories.

We aren't sure why or how such items ended up where they were, in fact. Leah's mum may not have even asked.

Perhaps some people just wanted to spice things up in the bedroom, but ended up in the emergency room instead.

Although, Leah did point out that every man who came to the ER with something stuck in his bum insisted it wasn't the result of sexual play gone wrong.

"Mind you, all these men said that they fell on these items," she says in one clip, later adding: "Sometimes their wives would come with them too but would also stick to the story that it was just a naked fall."

Some of the bizarre finds mentioned my Leah was an apple, a Pepsi bottle and even a lightbulb – which leaves so many questions unanswered.

She explained that her mum once had to remove a whole apple from a man's rectum, which Leah says "wouldn't be her fruit of choice".

Dubbing one patient "ambitious", she revealed how he ended up with a one litre Pepsi bottle inside him.

While another was "naked gardening" when an eggplant got stuck in his bum.

Yes, we know. You're already cringing, but it gets far worse.

And, of course, none of these claims can be verified, but they are pretty bonkers nonetheless.

According to Leah, a new dad received a a baby blue cigar holder in celebration of his new son, but it ended up inside in him instead.

One man's stunt took a dangerous turn when he got a lightbulb stuck in his auns – well, that's one way to brighten your mood.

"Stuff must have been real boring in the bedroom for these two," says Leah, in the hilarious and baffling clip.

Leah's video has racked up millions of views, with some people brave enough to admit their own emergency room horror stories.

This called for a follow up clip, thought leah, who shared some of the comments she'd received.

Some hospital workers chimed in to reveal some of the bizarre cases they've seen – with one in particular involving Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear.

"To infinity and beyond, my dude," Leah joked – we doubt Buzz was ever the same.

Some were really disturbing, in fact, too disturbing to share, although, Leah said many such things were "really common" after checking with her mum.

More people shared in the comments some stories they've heard of or experienced.

"My mom was a nurse,' one wrote. "Someone came in with a taxidermy ferret."

Another shared: "I'm a surgical RN. I've heard of pool noodles, 7 AA batteries, light bulbs, plastic Easter eggs, Suave coconut conditioner bottle."

Others offered up a mayo jar, a gravy boat, a flashlight, a deodorant bottle, and even a mini toaster oven.

But a Yankee candle, a bowling pin, a potato, handcuffs, Hot Wheels cars, and an 8-ball from a pool table also found their way inside some.

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