Mum’s threatening to not see me on Christmas Day as I can’t spend hundreds on her presents – she never gets me anything

A HEARTBROKEN single mum has revealed how her mother is threatening not to see her on Christmas Day, because she can't afford to spend hundreds on her presents.

Posting on Mumsnet, she revealed how her mum is annoyed she won't "treat her", despite never buying gifts in return.

The mum, who has a seven-year-old daughter, says it all started when she promised to take her girl to a Panto this Christmas.

She explains: "DD (dear daughter) has never been to the theatre before as it was cancelled last year and I didn’t have the money before 2020 as I wasn’t working.

"Mum said she wanted to go too but couldn’t afford her own ticket so I offered to get it her as her Christmas present but if I did she’d only get a small present off me to open on Christmas Day as the ticket cost is above my usual budget to spend on her.

"(Ticket was £31 I usually only spend max £25 on her at Christmas). She said this was fine."

The mum, who's been single since 2017, says she gets no child maintenance support and pays for everything by working hard.

On the other hand, the gran "doesn’t work, she claims she’s retired (she’s 55) but doesn’t have a private pension and won’t claim anything else because 'she won’t be forced to work now she’s old'."

Her daughter says: "Because of that she never gets me a Christmas present, I’ve always been fine with it."

The family went to the Panto last weekend and "had a lovely time".

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The Mumsnetter adds: "I paid for everything, drove there, paid for parking, bought drinks and a programme each at the theatre.

"All in the trip cost me about £120, but I didn’t mind as it was a treat and only once a year – but it’s not something I’d choose as a present for her every year it was just something she said she wanted to do.

"Today I’ve seen my mum. She’s said she’s really looking forward to opening all her presents from me.

"I reminded her that as I’d paid for us to go to the panto she would have one small present from under £10 in value and I had got DD to make each of her grandparents a Christmas Bauble so she’d get that too.

"She looked me straight in the eye and said she didn’t remember that conversation and had assumed the panto was an extra and was DDs Christmas present (it was one of them) not hers.

"She said she’s disappointed that at a time when she’s struggling the most and I’m not I won’t treat her. I told her roughly how much the theatre trip cost me and she just said while still looking at me 'Well you can afford it'.

"She’s since text me that she’s disappointed in me, and considered not seeing me on Christmas Day but has decided for DDs sake she’ll see me. She says she knows I spend upwards of £200 on my DD."

The mum is fuming over the situation and, as she only has her daughter until lunchtime on Christmas Day, she wants "to take her up on her offer not to see us".

She adds: "It’s really upset me that I worked extra shifts to give my DD a nice experience and my mums tarnished it."

People were horrified by the situation, urging the mum to cut contact.

One said: "OP (original poster), she is a manipulative monster who knows what she's doing and you need to tell her to f*ck off. Disengage and live a happy life without her."

A second wrote: "Horrible grabby behaviour. She's acting like a spoiled child, not your mum."

While a third commented: "Cheeky f*ckery of the highest order…and it's absolutely none of her business how much you spend on your DD."

Another added: "God no, cheeky cow, it's not your job to spoil her!

"I wouldn't get her as anything if I were you, you've paid for the trip, she doesn't get for you and you're having her over on the day, you've done your bit".

One mum said: "Wow. I’m so sorry you have such a self centred mum. I wouldn’t be allowing her the chance to spoil Christmas day with her attitude. Maybe say you’ll see her a different day."

Others labelled the gran "a lazy manipulative sponger" and said: "She needs to find a way to keep busy. Like getting a job."

While some accused her mother of "emotional blackmail" and said: "I would be taking her up on her offer and not seeing her on Christmas Day… People can only treat you as badly as you allow them to."

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