My boyfriend chopped my hair off, beat me & made me drink his PEE – I’m proud I faced him in court & I won’t be silenced

CLAUDIA thought she’d found ‘The One’ when she got together with her boyfriend, Steven Thiara. 

But within a fortnight of her moving into his family home in April 2019, Steven morphed into a monster.

Claudia, 30, from Herts, endured six weeks of torment and degradation as he beat her repeatedly, chopped off all her long black hair and even forced her to drink his pee. 

He also urinated on a plate of egg and chips, then laughed as he force-fed it to Claudia, causing her to choke.  

He’s now been convicted of coercive and controlling behaviour in an intimate relationship and two counts of ABH. 

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Claudia said: "I felt the luckiest girl alive when I began a relationship with Steven. But by the end of it I was lucky to still be alive."

Claudia had no inkling of what Steven was capable of when they first began dating.

She said: "We’d met one night and struck up a friendship – there was no denying the spark of chemistry between us. 

"Very quickly I realised I’d fallen in love with Steven and he told me the same. 

"Good looking and fun, he made me feel so happy. Whenever we were out and he took my hand in front of other girls, I felt so proud. 

"If he saw other men looking at me, he didn’t get jealous. He loved it, saying things like, ‘well look at you, you’re gorgeous'."

After a few months, Steven asked Claudia to move in with him and his parents in their semi-detached, in a quiet residential area in Hertfordshire. 

She said: "When we arrived, Steven’s mum smiled warmly and said 'hello'.

"We went upstairs to Steven’s room and I saw she’d also left a pair of pyjamas and some sweets.  

"I thought it was so kind of her.  Later she made us a meal and that night, as Steven and I lay in bed together, I felt so happy."

He was forever flying off the handle at slightest thing and hitting me with his fists, the bottle, TV remote, anything that was around. The only way to calm him down was by having sex

For the next fortnight, they enjoyed themselves, going out shopping and to restaurants. 

Then early one morning, Claudia’s phone rang and woke them.

She said: "Steven asked me who it was and I reached over and took a look. 

"I replied it was just a mate but he snatched my phone and, seeing it was a bloke, his eyes narrowed and suddenly he flipped, accusing me of having an affair. 

"I insisted he was just a friend. But hurling insults, he picked up a thick leather belt lying on the floor and whacked me across the face with it. 

‘"As pain mingled with shock I cried, ‘why did you do that?’ He replied it was my fault, I’d made him do it.

"Then he pulled back his fist and thumped me in the face.

"As his punches reigned down I was sobbing, begging him to stop. But it was ages before he calmed down, then he wanted sex.  

"Afterwards he got emotional, telling me he loved me. I told him ‘I love you too,’ but I felt shaken and in pain for days afterwards."

After that, Steven insisted on keeping her phone. They stopped going out and hardly left his room, except to go downstairs to eat.

Around a week after his outburst, Claudia was laughing at a YouTube clip of comedians Key & Peele when Steven asked what was funny.

As she tried to explain, his face clouded and his fist hurtled towards her face. Then he picked up a bottle and whacked it over her head. 

Claudia said: "The room was spinning.  I was crying, begging him to stop. 

"Eventually he did, but afterwards I lay awake all night crying into my pillow. I loved him so much but I couldn’t live like this."

The following day, as she stood by his bedroom door covered in bruises, she told him as much.  

Claudia said: "He became emotional, asking me why I had come into his life if I was going to leave him. 

"I told him I wasn’t but I couldn’t live like that with him hitting me.

"He started crying, said he loved me, didn’t want to lose me. I thought maybe things would be OK, so I stayed."

His face was all twisted as he barked at me, saying, ‘you tried to run…why? If you go to the police they will see your bruises. You can’t go’

But now Steven had her where he wanted he controlled her every move.  She couldn’t even go for a shower without him following her. 

She added: "He was forever flying off the handle at slightest thing and hitting me with his fists, the bottle, TV remote, anything that was around.   

"The only way to calm him down was by having sex with him. But soon even that didn’t work.

"The more I begged him to stop, the more he punished me."

One day Claudia, tried to escape his clutches. She ran into his mum’s room but she wasn’t there. 

Steven came after her with a pair of scissors.

She said: "His face was all twisted as he barked at me, saying, ‘you tried to run…why? If you go to the police they will see your bruises. You can’t go.’"

He used the scissors to chop off Claudia’s long black hair and with it, she says, went her identity.

Claudia added: "Crying, I said to him, ‘do you know what you’ve done to me?'

"But the battering continued. Every day became a living nightmare as he held me virtually captive. 

"Sometimes his parents would be around. I never saw his dad but I would see his mum, when she brought us food.  

"I thought surely she’d seen my bruises?  Maybe she was as scared of him as I was."

One day, seeing a tin of beige paint in his room, Claudia suggested they decorate his bedroom to distract him.  

But he only did one wall, before dipping his hands into the tin then covering all her clothes hanging in the wardrobe with paint. 

Another time, after Claudia had been in the house for a few weeks, she was watching America's Got Talent and made a comment about liking the presenter Terry, as he came on stage.

It was like a bomb exploding. She said: "Steven’s fist came from nowhere.

"I tried to shield my face with my hands, but he pinned them down as his punches continued, his big gold rings cutting into my flesh. 

"Then he grabbed the scissors and chopped off the rest of my hair, before slashing my face.

"He said to me, ‘look how ugly you are. Now, every time you look in the mirror it’ll remind you of me.’"

Through frantic sobs, Claudia kept pleading with him. But every time she tried to sit up, he’d whack her back down on the bed.    

Then he picked up an empty juice bottle and urinated into it. 

She said: "My eyes widened in horror as he prised my mouth open, forcing me to drink it. 

"I tried to spit it out but he held my mouth shut, forcing me to swallow it."

My eyes widened in horror as he prised my mouth open, forcing me to drink his pee

His torture lasted for hours. The following day, Steven finally went downstairs. When he came back up, he left the bedroom door open.

She said: "He’d only do that if no one else was in. I thought 'this is it, he’s going to kill me'."  

Then around 6pm she heard someone come home. Steven was still beating her and she was screaming.  

But he clamped his hand over her mouth, telling her, "if my mum knocks on the door with your noise you’ll be sorry."

Later, his mum brought them a dinner of egg and chips, leaving a tray outside the door.

Steven peed all over Claudia's food, before scooping it up in his hand.

Claudia said: "He told me, ‘open your mouth bitch,’ choking me as he pushed it into my mouth.   

"All the time he was laughing manically. When he’d finished with the food, he spat into my mouth.

"By now I had no strength to put up a fight. My arms were covered in huge purple bruises and I could barely breathe from where my face had ballooned from his punches.   

"I told him I needed the toilet but he made me use the bedroom bin instead."

Finally Steven's dad called up to him and he went downstairs.

Staggering to the widow, Claudia looked out and saw his mum in the front garden.

She recalled: "As she looked up, I put my hands together begging her for help. 

"But next minute Steven came back and his brutality continued. My blood was all over the TV remote control. I could feel the strength draining away and I was struggling to keep my eyes open."

Eventually it was morning again. Claudia said: "Steven hissed at me, saying,‘the police are here.’

"Through a blur I heard a man's voice outside the bedroom door saying, ‘we’ve had a call that someone’s had a fight here'.

"As Steven let the officer in, I hid under the pillow. He asked Steven who he was with and Steven replied ‘a friend.’ 

"Then I felt the pillow being removed, saw the hazy outline of a policewoman’s face. She gasped at me and said, ‘who’s done this to you?’"

By now I had no strength to put up a fight. My arms were covered in huge purple bruises and I could barely breathe from where my face had ballooned from his punches

Before Claudia could answer, Steven told the officer someone had assaulted her, so he’d brought her back to his.

The officer asked him why he hadn’t taken her to hospital and asked Claudia if she was OK, helping her out of bed.

While the male officer stepped out of the room to make a call, she gently told Claudia to put on some clothes. 

Claudia said: "For two weeks Steven hadn’t let me get dressed. My clothes were all covered in paint. 

"But the police woman helped me to find a pair of jeans and T-shirt."

Then the male police officer reappeared, handcuffed Steven and led him away. 

It was now June, after eight weeks of living with Steven, Claudia was finally free.

Before an ambulance arrived, Steven’s mum came up to help Claudia pack. But she stopped when she saw all the paint on her clothes. 

Claudia said: "She must have been wondering what on earth her son had been capable of. I had no jacket, so she gave me a big scarf.

"The policewoman came with me to hospital, where X-rays were taken of my arms and head.  

"Doctors were also concerned about my sight.

"The policewoman told me, ‘Steven will be here in a minute,’ and I freaked, not realising the male officer had the same name as my violent boyfriend.   

"From my reaction, she twigged who’d caused my injuries. 

"Later, when she took me to the police station and I went to the loo, I saw myself in the mirror and recoiled.

"Scalped, with huge black eyes, and cuts and bruises all over my face which was twice its normal size, I looked like a monster."

Through tears, Claudia made a statement and the police took photos of her injuries. They arranged a safe place for her overnight and gave her a phone.

She said: "I rang my family and a friend who took me back to her's the next day, where she looked after me.   

"I discovered it was Steven’s dad who’d phoned the police. It wouldn’t have been easy for him to turn in his own son but if he hadn’t it could have been so much worse."

The police charged Steven but he denied everything, so it meant a trial.   

Claudia said: "In the months leading up to it, I was a mess. My injuries took weeks to heal.

"Plagued by headaches and blurry vision, I went back and forth to the eye clinic where they said the nerve damage below my right eye could take 18 months to heal. 

"The mental scars were the worst. Suffering terrible flashbacks, I didn’t feel safe and wouldn’t go out."

But when the trial began at St Albans Crown Court in November, Claudia refused to hide behind a screen. 

She said: "I looked directly across at Steven as I spoke of the horrors he'd put me through.   

"The trial lasted a month and his parents were in court to hear all the evidence. I was petrified he’d get let off."


You don't have to suffer in silence.

If you are experiencing domestic violence or someone you know is there are groups that can help.

Refuge runs a free, 24-hour helpline on 0808 2000 247.

You can also visit the website or contact Women’s Aid.

To Claudia’s relief, the jury found Steven Thiara, 40, of Hertfordshire, guilty of coercive and controlling behaviour in an intimate relationship and two counts of ABH. 

Although he’d been charged with false imprisonment and numerous counts of rape and sexual assault, he was found not guilty of these charges. 

In January, he was sentenced to four years behind bars. She said: "I’m glad he’s off the streets and he can’t do it to anyone else.  

"I’m also thankful to the police officers on my case for all their amazing support. 

"I still can’t believe how someone I loved and who said they loved me could do this to me.  

"I realise now for Steven it wasn’t love, but control and power. He stripped me of everything, of all my self worth.  

"But I’m getting stronger, and I’m telling my story to raise awareness of domestic violence, including coercive and controlling behaviour. I don’t want any more women to go through what I’ve experienced."

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