Nabela Noor Teamed Up With Eloquii Because "You Are More Than a Tag, a Label, or a Measurement"

Nabela Noor Teamed Up With Eloquii Because “You Are More Than a Tag, a Label, or a Measurement”

Curve brand Eloquii has an exciting new launch called “The Eloquii Drop: Six Icons, Six Days” and the first influencer just happens to be one of our favorites: Nabela Noor. In case you’re not familiar, the Bangladeshi beauty influencer has more than 1.6m followers, is the founder and CEO of Zeba, a clothing label that promotes self-love, and Noor House, a non-profit scholarship program. I talked with Nabela, who often speaks out about body positivity and self-confidence, to learn more about the limited-edition creation she made with Eloquii.

It’s pretty fitting that Nabela was picked as the first influencer for the brand’s first drop because she has worn Eloquii for some pivotal moments in her life and it holds a special place in her heart: “Eloquii has been by my side for so many of my biggest milestones and accomplishments. I’ve worn Eloquii on panels and conventions while speaking at the United Nations, at some of my most exciting launches, and speaking at schools around the country. It only made sense to work together on creating a special piece for others to wear for their most special moments. I can remember how confident I felt wearing each Eloquii piece in the past for my most unforgettable moments. In those special moments, I was able to feel powerful and stylish in my size. I wanted to be a part of that for someone else. Working with Eloquii was an absolute dream as we have had such a special relationship for quite some time. They truly cared about my vision and helped bring it to life with so much excitement and a truly collaborative spirit.”

As for the design itself, Nabela created a gorgeous white midi dress that’s fit for a Disney princess and it’s priced at $130. “I wanted to create a piece that could be worn in a variety of ways, for a variety of occasions. I wanted an investment piece that could be whipped out multiple times a year and feel fresh each time. When working with Eloquii, we made functionality and universality a priority and created something classic that will become a staple in everyone’s closets. I love tulle and it feels like such a romantic fabric. It just radiates flirty and soft elegant vibes, which is what I was going for with this piece. I wanted a sweetheart style neckline and flowing sleeves to take it to the next level,” Nabela told POPSUGAR.

Still, it’s no secret that plenty is missing in the curve section of the fashion market. Eloquii is one of the leading brands working to fix that issue, but clearly, there’s more to be done from other brands if we truly want to see a shift. “I want to see more trendy pieces. More styles that resemble what our straight size counterparts wear and enjoy. I have felt the most insecure when seeing pieces I love not made for my size. It feels like a club you aren’t welcome in. I want the curve market to focus more on being leaders in inspiring fashion trends because we deserve to feel fashion-forward. Eloquii does this. It’s who they are. And, it’s time for more brands to follow suit,” Nabela revealed.

With so many people looking up to Nabela, she wanted to remind her fans of the following important message when it comes to body positivity: “Right now, I really just want to remind all of my fans that they are worthy. You are more than a tag, a label, or a measurement. You deserve to be seen, represented, and included. You are beautiful as you are right now in this moment.”

Keep reading to see more of the gorgeous campaign imagery ahead and you can shop the $130 dress from Drop 1 too. Keep in mind that once the items sell out, they’re gone forever so you better get your hands on one before it’s too late!

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