Old family photo goes viral thanks to a very strange appearance from the family hamster

At first glance Matthew Anderson's old Christmas photo looks totally ordinary.

The entire clan – mum, dad, Matthew and his sister – are dressed smartly.

Matthew, from the USA, is even wearing a pocket handkerchief… or is he?

Because on closer inspection is in a the family pet, a female hamster called Olivanna.

He wrote on Twitter: "I post this old Christmas photo because I just noticed my pocket square is my sister’s hamster."


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The picture has been retweeted close to 35,000 times and liked nearly 197,000 times.

People were even inspired to share their own hamster stories with

Anna *is* R. Etherington wrote: "This is so good. No pithy comment but I did carry my hamster on the train from Edinburgh to Stratford 20 years ago… they are very well behaved in pockets."

Nisha Vyas-Myall‏ added: "My hamster, Salem, used to love sitting in my dad's shirt pocket while he walked around the house."

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