Parents share clever ways they keep the kids cool in the heatwave – including a quick way to get the paddling pool warm

WITH temperatures reaching new heights,people are desperate for some cooling relief.

And without access to air-con or even a swimming pool to relax in, savvy parents have had to come up with novel ways to help keep their kids cool in the scorching heat.

Here, Fabulous reveals some easy tips you can try that'll work for the whole family.

1. Sleep easy… with rice

The scorching weather often has us tossing and turning struggling to fall asleep at night.

But to help her little one fall asleep, one mum swears by a clever freezer hack and revealed how she fills a sock with uncooked rice and pops it in the freezer to get it super cold.

By doing this, her young daughter is able to cuddle it in bed which provides the right amount of comfort to help her fall asleep.

2. Making a splash

For those lucky enough to have a paddling pool, you're often still faced with the issue of filling it up quickly and easily.

While its much easier to use the garden hose, the water temp is usually way too cold – but running back and forth from the kitchen with buckets of warm water is less than ideal also.

One dad claims a nifty gadget will is the answer to the common problem – and it costs a mere £1.48 from Tool station.

Simply attach it to your tap which allows you to effortlessly connect a hose meaning instant warm water from your kitchen to your pool.

  • Brass Internal Adaptor, Tool Station, £1.48 – buy now

3. Freeze frame

Stacey Solomon is becoming known for her incredible parenting hacks – and we owe her big time for this genius tip.

The Loose Women star, 31, recently revealed that she puts baby wipes in the freezer to keep them chilled for days out – and packs them in her son Rex's bag.

She explained: “The frozen wipes are like a cool pack that I can use to wipe myself down with too” – so perfect when you're on the go or for a quick relief at home.

4. N-ice and easy

There's nothing quick like a cool ice lolly in the sweltering heat – but let's face it, it can get pretty messy for the little ones.

To prevent them from dripping everywhere one mum came up with the clever hack of using a Pringles lid to collect the sticky drips as ice lollies melt while her two children eat them. 

Alternatively, if the kids struggle to hold hold it without getting sticky, messy hand, another clever mum revealed a sandwich bag clip – or even a peg – will do the trick.

Simply attach it to the stick which allows the kids something bigger to hold on to – brilliant.

But what if you don't have ice lollies handy and your kids want some soothing relief? Why not try freezing yoghurt pots instead which create a creamy frozen treat.


Aldi is among many of the price-friendly stores people go to if they want to score a bargain.

And it's budget parenting range, Mamia, had plenty of parents talking last month when one mum discovered a handy little pushchair fan for just £3.99 – which clips onto the edge for a continuous breeze.

The thrifty parent even picked up a clip-on umbrella to protect her little one from the sun- with both products providing instant relief from the heat.

The items appear to be out of stock online currently, but you can get similar items from Amazon.

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