Pregnant-mum-of-six boys hits back after being accused of ‘giving up her life’ to raise kids – saying ‘I chose this’

GROWING up, Ariel Tyson always knew she wanted to have a big family one day.

As one of five kids herself, the social media star, from Bozeman, Montana, and her husband Michael decided early on that they wanted their kids to be raised in a busy household.

The mum-of-six is now expecting her seventh baby and welcomed five of her her little boys in just six years.

Posting on her Instagram, Ariel, 34, responded to one of the most common criticisms she faces online.

Quoting one of her most-hated comments, she wrote: "'I could never be happy to give up my life to raise seven kids.'

"Good thing you don't have to and I GET to."

In the caption of the clip, Ariel continued: "We all have our own choices. For me, I didn’t give up, I only gained!

"I’ve been grateful to accomplish a lot of dreams I’ve had, but this season of my life is 🙌"

Asking her 341,000 followers what they consider to be "a lot of kids", she continued: "For me, it was always 5, I think because I grew up as 1 of 4 kids and that was normal to me.

"For Michael, it’s 6 and he grew up as 1 of 5!"

During lockdown, the mum revealed how she was homeschooling three of her boys – having been educated at home herself.

Days in the Tyson household start at 7:30 sharp and the eldest boys then get stuck into their online learning programmes before reading with Ariel in the afternoons.

She said: "I did enjoy being home-schooled and the freedom it gave me. I was able to graduate high school one year early because I worked ahead in school without having to wait for a classroom of students to catch up.

"Because of that, I graduated from university a year early and then finished my master's degree the same year that I would've been graduating from university."

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