Single mum blasts tourists at Disneyland who constantly asked ‘where her husband was’

Elizabeth Anile, 28, said everyone from the taxi driver to the waiters and cabin crew asked "is it just the two of you?" during their trip to California, USA.

The Aussie mummy blogger, who writes as Bambi and Baby, was 26 when she became a single mum to Oliver in August 2016.

She was extremely excited to take the two-year-old tot on his first trip to Disneyland, but was shocked by the sheer amount of people who seemed surprised to see a single mum.

She said: "They’d search my face, expecting me to respond with 'no, my husband is just paying for the taxi, he’ll be here in a second'."

But Ellie refuses to let the questions bother her – despite admitting they would have "crushed" her two years ago.

She said: "Not too long ago, such a question would’ve crushed me.

"I would’ve interpreted their curious stare as judgement, felt depleted at the fact that yes, it was just the two of us, and boy oh boy that horrible voice in my head would’ve run absolutely wild.

"It would’ve told me all crazy things like yeah babe, you are incomplete. You’re not as worthy as the other tables of chatty, happy families.

"This should’ve been a family holiday. Instead, it’s just you. You’re a failure. Your poor son, where is his dad? This is your fault.

"The loop would've consumed and eventually broke me. Entirely ruining the trip with my son."

Ellie added that she didn't feel judged, but really people were "confused" by her family dynamic – especially because they were travelling on the other side of the world.

And she says the trip taught her an important lesson – not to let worrying about what people might think from living her best life.

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