Spotted: there's some seriously fabulous fashion on the set of the Gossip Girl reboot

Written by Naomi May

The new cast’s looks are far from the predictably preppy get-ups of the OG Upper East Side characters.

Eight years since the Gossip Girl finale (New York, I Love You XOXO) had us glued to our screens, the show is finally set to make a return and its fashion is bigger, better and cooler than ever.

Eric Daman, the costume designer responsible for Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf et al’s wardrobes in the original show, is once again heading up the sartorial line-ups of the Gossip Girl reboot, which airs this summer, and the new influx of characters’ clothes have been given a serious Gen-Z twist. It’s preppy reimagined for 2021 with more Dior saddle bags than you could shake a stick at.

Jordan Alexander filming the Gossip Girl Reboot

Contrasted against the OG Upper East-Siders and their reliable arsenals of tweed, statement headbands and loafers, the class of 2021 – actors starring in the reboot include Eli Brown, Savannah Smith, Whitney Peak, Jordan Alexander, Tavi Gevinson and Zión Moreno, among others – have seen their dress code revamped. Think leather trousers and dresses, kitten-heeled croc-print boots and a seriously lust-worthy line-up of varsity jackets.

It’s perhaps no surprise that the characters of the reboot have seen their wardrobes reworked. Original Gossip Girl writer and producer Joshua Safran, who is also leading the reboot, revealed last year that the updated show will be more demographically accurate in its depiction of the lives of New York teenagers. “There was not a lot of representation the first time around on the show,” Safran said. “So, this time around the leads are non-white. There’s a lot of queer content on this show.” 

In anticipation of the ten-episode long reboot, which is scheduled for a July release, we have rounded up the fashion-forward leading ladies from the upcoming show and their lust-worthy looks which are currently living in our minds rent free. You can thank us later, XOXO.

Julien Calloway

Jordan Alexander starring the Gossip Girl Reboot

Canadian actor Jordan Alexander plays Julien Calloway in the Gossip Girl reboot, and is by far the coolest of the crop. While Blair and Serena – the latter known for her love of anything boho chic and the former a die-hard fan of a statement headband – would never have been seen out on the town in trainers, Calloway has embraced streetwear and injected her school uniform with it. If it’s not Nike trainers, it’s Balenciagas, and if it’s not a Louis Vuitton or a Fendi Baguette bag, it’s a JW Anderson novelty cross-body. Cue a lot of crushing on Calloway.

Kate Keller

Tavi Gevinson starring in the Gossip Girl Reboot

Founder of online magazine Rookie, Tavi Gevinson has turned her attentions to acting recently, and stars in the series as highly-strung and ambitious Kate Keller. It’s perhaps unsurprising then that her wardrobe reflects just that: think cashmere sweater vests, preppy retro loafers and tailored trousers. 

Zoya Lott

Whitney Peak starring in the Gossip Girl Reboot

Never far away from a pair of comfortable flats is Zoya Lott, played by model-turned-actor Whitney Peak, who has just become a Chanel ambassador no less. For her day-to-day ensembles, Lott relies on a series of minidresses, cosy cardigans with retro-esque neckerchiefs and either stomper boots or trainers, while for evening events, she amps it up a notch, as seen above in a dazzling traffic-cone orange sequinned dress. 10/10 for keeping it all the way real.     

Audrey Hope 

Emily Alyn Lind starring in the Gossip Girl Reboot

Audrey Hope, who’s played by Emily Alyn Lind is described by the Gossip Girl Instagram page as ‘Grace’. What does that mean in terms of her wardrobe? Expect a series of shirts, oversized cardigans and sweater vests and a perfectly coiffed ‘do at all times.

Luna La 

Zion Moreno starring in the Gossip Girl Reboot

Cue all of the kitten-heeled boot envy! Luna La, played by Zion Moreno, is no stranger to a monogram. If it’s not her Burberry cape, it’s her Louis Vuitton tote, and we love her for it. Described by the Gossip Girl Instagram page as ‘Style’ we expect great things. Here’s looking at you, Luna. 

Monet de Haan

Savannah Smith starring in the Gossip Girl reboot

Last but by absolutely no means least is Monet de Haan, played by Savannah Smith, whose one word summary is ‘Power’ and that’s certainly clear from her series of stellar looks. Who knew we needed to fill our wardrobes full of minis, corsets and berets? Now we do.

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