The Case for Getting Dressed Up to See Your Gyno

A full-length Gül Hürgel dress with huge sleeves. High-waist tailored evening trousers with a Victorian-style blouse. A silk shirt and culottes with fringes on the hemlines. A red jumpsuit, a handful of gold necklaces, and multicolored Nike Air Maxes. A pleated skirt from Boden with a mohair cardigan. A Hillhouse Navy Tartan Nap Dress and black turtleneck with a pair of Gucci loafers.

Would you believe me if I told you these outfits were worn not out to dinner, or to a party, or to work, but to doctor’s offices? Maybe not, if I’d asked a year ago before new, pandemic-induced definitions of normal were established, and new rituals were born to make sense of them. Now, though, a decision that might have once come across as eccentric, or even unhinged—like wearing a cowl-neck sweater, camel trench coat, jeans, sneakers, a statement hat, and gold earrings to go see a new gynecologist, despite the inevitability of being asked to strip down and change right away into one of those grim paper robes — probably seems utterly credible.

For confirmation, you need only glance at the comments underneath Business of Fashion Chief Correspondent Lauren Sherman’s recent tweet:

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