The Mercury Rising sex position will make sure your heatwave weekend gets off to a scorching start

IT HAS turned out to be a scorcher today, but the beer gardens aren’t the only place it will be hotting up this weekend.

The Mercury Rising sex position is perfect for couples wanting to bring a little heat to the bedroom tonight – and with minimal effort.

We know that no one wants to be hot and bothered when they are getting down and dirty but this easy going position will prevent you from getting flustered.

According to Bustle, your partner should begin by sitting up with their legs either crossed or outstretched.

Then, straddling your partner, lower yourself onto their penis ending with you sat in their lap with your legs around your body.

Bustle says that when it comes to this position, the slower the better so get ready for a truly lazy lay.

Bustle adds: “You can’t move around that much in this position, which makes it great for lazy sex.

"Fortunately, even the most subtle grinding can feel great. It’s a really sweet and intimate position."

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