The Range is selling chalk pens so kids can decorate windows for Christmas – and, don’t worry, they wipe off

WANT to keep your kids busy for hours and also get the house ready for Christmas?

The Range is selling chalk pens for your windows – and they wipe off so they don’t leave a mark. 

An excited mum shared a photo of her child drawing Christmas trees and shapes on their window ahead of the festive season. 

They wrote on Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas: “Chalk pens from the range, just wipe off! 

“Hours of drawing and peace and quiet.”

Many people were highly impressed with the idea, with one parent writing: “Amazing.”

Another added: “I just use acrylic paint. Gonna have to look at these now.”

However, one joked: “Until they move along to the wall lol.”

According to The Range website, their chalk window markers come in a pack of three white pens for £1. 

The description says they are “perfect for writing and decorating glass, windows and other non-porous surfaces.”

And thankfully no stains remain as the ink can easily be removed with a wet cloth. 

Along with The Range’s pens, other parents added that they’d found similar coloured window pens on Amazon and B&M.

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