These 10 top companies will help you get the new year off to a great start

WHETHER you’re a fan of new year’s resolutions or not, we can all agree that it’s time to turn over a new leaf for 2021.

Fitness goals, career moves, sleep hygiene and changes to diet are some of the most common new year’s resolutions – which are you going for?

Whichever it is, these 10 top companies have everything you need for a new year and a new you.

Start The New Year With A New Bod

Over done it on the mince pies this festive season? You’re not alone, and if you’re looking to bounce back, then the Boombod 7 day Achiever Shot Program has your name all over it.

Boombod is the original Weight Loss Shot Drink Sensation and uses a clinically proven ingredient called glucomannan, to aid in weight loss*. It also helps banish naughty cravings which makes crushing your goals even more obtainable!

Their Programs come in 4 delicious flavours; Blackcurrant, Orange Mango, Lemon Lime and Black Cherry – and with over 1 million boxes sold and 2.5k+ happy customers on Trustpilot, it’s the go-to weight loss solution for celebrities and real people alike!

Right now they’e offering buy one get one free on all programs, which means you can stock up and keep your goals going into the New Year, or team up with a friend and tackle weight loss together.

Click here to shop BOGO FREE and start smashing your goals!

Love the skin you’re in

If you have a scar that makes you feel less self confident, Conceal Ultimate Scar Cream could have you on the road to feeling happier in the skin you’re in.

It’s a unique skin restorer that acts at all phases of wound healing. The innovative scar cream stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and fibroblast migration.

As well as new scars, it can be very effective in improving the appearance of older scars, stretch marks, keloid scarring, acne scars and blemishes.

It can also be used early in the skin repair process in cases such as stage 2 & 3 burns, or straight after surgery. The addition of Chlorhexidine Digluconate means that it can also be used to avoid infections that may be caused by surgery, injections, or injury.

This revolutionary scar cream is fast gaining recognition as an effective treatment for scars and a variety of skin conditions!

Click here to find out more.

Give your new year a massive kick start with SunVit-D3

SunVit-D3’s wide range of Vitamin D products will give your New Year’s resolution an automatic boost.

Right now, they’re doing a mammoth giveaway – to win a hamper filled with their best-selling products.

They want everyone to be able to benefit from their products, and want to ensure that everyone is educated on the true benefits of Vitamin D.

If you’re looking to make 2021 a healthy new year then SunVit-D3 recommend a pack of their 1,000IU or 20,000IU tablets in your gym bag. Or, if you’re looking to wake up fresh and ready for the day ahead, then their 400IU tablets should be by your bedside and taken prior to going to sleep.

Plus, you’ll find a whole host Vitamin D rich recipes on their YouTube channel to brighten up your dinner time.

Click here to sign up to their newsletter and be in with a chance to win the hamper.

New year, new start

As sad as it sounds, the first working Monday of January has come to be known as Divorce Day.

With the new year comes a new vision for your life, and if you have limped unhappily through Christmas with problems in your marriage then January can be the commencement of ending your relationship.

If this is the case for you then it’s important you are getting the advice you need. The experienced team at Lloyd Platt & Co, led by This Morning’s resident lawyer, Vanessa Lloyd Platt, are here to help. The lawyers are known for their caring approach and strategic knowledge that is tailored to each client’s case. They have experienced lawyers to assist you with knowledge of law in the UK and around the world.

The firm specialises in each aspect of divorce, financial settlements, children and grandchildren disputes, cohabitation cases and complex disputes over assets and relationship breakdown. The team will help you mediate with other parties and assist you in getting a suitable settlement.

Click here to visit their website and find out more, or call them on 0208 343 2998

Take control of your spending 

Sorting out your spending is another common new year’s resolution, and digital bank Zopa is dedicated to helping you FeelGood about your money and making 2021 the year we all take control of our finances.

Gaining control of your finances can seem like a daunting task, but it’s like exercising a muscle – it can be trained! You just need to find the right tools and products that work for you.

To make it simple and easy, Zopa has built a credit card for your real-life spending needs. It can be managed effortlessly right from their app and offers handy tools like the Safety Net feature which locks away some of your available credit for when unexpected small expenses come around. The app also offers real-time credit balances, spend tracking and instant purchase notifications.

Click here to check out the Zopa credit card. Representative APR 34.9%

New year, new career?

Many industries have been hit hard during 2020, resulting in mass redundancies. However, amidst this chaos and uncertainty the construction industry is providing a lifeline and some much-needed stability for job seekers and people looking to make new career choices.

If you’re in a job with no security then the toll this could be taking on your mental health is huge, and maybe it’s time for a change.

If you want to invest in yourself for 2021 then you could train to become an Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Plasterer or Gas Engineer today.

Access Training UK provides bespoke, industry-leading, fast-track training in 3 stages.

Stage 1. Live online learning

Stage 2. Intensive practical training

Stage 3. Career & employment support

Their training is also flexible, so you can train alongside your current job, and it’s open to anyone who wants to put the hard work in.

Click here to find out more or call Access Training UK for free on 0800 345 7492.

Sort out your sleep

A good night’s sleep is so integral to our health, but it’s something lots of us struggle with.

If you find it difficult to unwind at night and get to sleep, or you struggle staying asleep for the whole night you could consider trying A.Vogel Dormeasan Valerian-Hops oral drops.

This traditional herbal medicinal product provides temporary relief of sleep disturbances caused by symptoms of mild anxiety.

Made from extracts of fresh valerian and hops, taking a dose of Dormeasan with a little fruit juice 30 minutes before bed will help you relax.

You can pick it up in Holland & Barrett, larger Boots stores nationwide, in independent health stores and at, and prices start at £4.50.

Click here to shop and find out more.

Blondes have fun in 2021

Thinking of switching up your hair colour for the new year?

You can create your ideal blonde tone without altering your previously blonde base with the Jerome Russell Bblonde ® Semi-Permanent Post Blonding Toner. 

As the UK’s No.1 Blonding Brand, Jerome Russell knows blondes better than anyone and can help create your perfect colour.

It's never been easier to banish those brassy tones left by bleaching and say hello to your dream blonde, and all from the comfort of your own home.  

These professional semi-permanent hair toners are formulated to tone and lighten yellow blonde hair to achieve bright, blonde results for up to 16 washes. Plus, they're 100 per cent ammonia free and vegan friendly.

Jerome Russell are also fully dedicated to healthy hair, so each aftercare product is enriched with Bond Building Technology to nourish and strengthen your freshly coloured hair.

Give your hair the treatment it deserves this year.

Click here to find out more. 

Kickstart 2021 with a whiter smile

A white smile is something we all want, and can really improve your confidence. If getting the perfect white teeth is one of your goals for 2021 then SmileTime are here to help – and it’s affordable too!

Their sustainably focused smile care and vegan teeth whitening products empower and inspire you to share your smile.

Their teeth whitening kit is a best-seller, because it uses quality ingredients, doesn’t produce pain or sensitivity, is vegan friendly, and you can do it yourself in your own home.

Plus, at just £39.99, it’s approximately 10 times cheaper than dental teeth whitening.

To see it for yourself, head to @smiletimeteeth on Instagram or head to the website and check out real-life before and after results, plus get more information on how to use the kit.

Click here to shop and use code NEW10 for an additional 10 per cent off your first purchase

Drive into 2021…

Have you made your new year’s resolution yet? cinch have! They’ve committed to making your motoring life easier.

The online platform can help you find the perfect car from the comfort of your own home, with free delivery right to your door.

Plus, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, and all cinch cars undertake a 225-point comprehensive car check and come with a 90-day free warranty.

Buying a used car can be a bit of a faff, but cinch have cut all of that out.

They have over 4,000 quality, fully-vetted used cars available to buy online – so there’s no need to visit multiple Showrooms. Plus, all cars are fixed price, so there’s no need to haggle.

They even offer easy, guaranteed part-exchange and will collect your old car when they deliver your new one. You don’t even need to worry about sorting out financing, as it’s all available on their site.

Click here to find your perfect car and have it delivered to your door.

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