These are the best sex positions you need to try, according to your star sign – The Sun

IF you haven’t already tried your sign’s go-to position, why ever not?

Valentines is almost upon us, and that introduces the perfect excuse to get back in the bedroom and test-drive some new moves.

Here's how to work your way through the whole zodiac and what position you and your partner should be trying out, according to your horoscope.

You can thank us later…

Aries = Girl on top

Nobody puts Aries in the corner! And certainly not in the bedroom. Aries people know what they want and they know how to get it, too.

So, climbing up on top to control the action their no-brainer fave position.

It also means your partner has a front-seat view of you in action, and an Aries in action is a passion-driver indeed!

Taurus = The Butterfly

Taureans are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure.

Sex is life for Taureans so an intense and deeply penetrative position works.

The Butterfly means you lie on your back (on the edge of a bed, or table, or sofa), legs spread and knees bent, whilst your partner kneels or stands in between, and lifts your hips high enough to penetrate.

By opening and closing your thighs like the wings of a butterfly Miss Taurus can change the angle and rhythm of penetration.

Gemini = The Wheelbarrow

Geminis are youthful, up-for-anything and flexible. Marrying these traits enables them to attempt, and conquer, the challenging wheelbarrow.

Standing up, bend over until your head and arms are resting on the surface of a bed, or sofa, in front of you.

Your partner stands behind you and grabs one of your ankles, lifting your leg up near their hip and entering you from behind.

Your other leg remains on the ground, but keep it slightly bent so you can shift your weight, which you’ll do as you raise and lower your leg in order to find the right spot.

Cancer = The Shard

Cancerians are deep people, craving intimacy and strong emotional connections.

The Shard delivers the deepest physical penetration possible, and is therefore a perfect match.

Lie on your back, raise your legs high and push your thighs together to squeeze those pelvic floor muscles.

When your partner thrusts from this angle, they’re on target to hit your G-spot and deliver incredible, internal orgasms.

Leo = The Camel

All Leos (secretly) believe they have great bums. And hair.

So, they enjoy positions where they can push out their pert posterior and flick their hair about. Doggy has been done.

Say hello to the Camel!

Get on all fours, with your feet together and your partner kneeling behind you with their knees outside yours.

Your partner should bring your hips down as they penetrate you, until your thighs and buttocks touch your heels.

This is a raw, deeply penetrative position that takes the doggy to the next level.

Virgo = The Anvil

For all their elegance and modesty, Virgos are a different animal in the bedroom, and like a fast and hard thrusting action.

If you’re going to do it, do it right, right?

To achieve the Anvil, lay down on the bed in a comfortable position. Bring your knees high, resting them at the curves of your breasts.

Your partner is on top, resting on their knees with their back straight.

Instant access to the G-spot.

Libra = Lap Dancing Queen

Librans love to show off their sexy super-skills because, being ruled by Venus, they are the zodiac’s greatest lovers.

All positions are welcome, but what you like doing best is a sexy striptease and lap dance for your object-of-affection.

Teasing, arousing and stimulating turns you ON just as much as them.

After the preview, you can then sit on that lap, and finish what you started…

Scorpio = The reverse cowgirl

Scorpios know exactly what they want in the bedroom thank you very much.

A reverse cowgirl lets you call the shots, and maintain that privacy barrier you nurture because they can’t see your expression, as you face the other direction.

You can let it all go… without having it show.

This appeals on a deep level to Scorpio’s desire for secrecy and keeping their guard up.

Sagittarius = The Stand And Deliver

Sagittarius is a free-wheeler, adventurous, anything goes kind of lover.

What adds the most spice to your escapades, however, is the added thrill of possibly being caught.

So, outdoors works. And, therefore, the Stand And Deliver is your BFF.

You lean against a wall with your legs slightly spread, facing your partner who grabs onto the backs of your thighs and holds them against their hips, lifting you up and pushing your back into the wall for leverage, before thrusting away.

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere…

Capricorn = The 69er

Sensorial pleasure is the catnip of all Earth signs, and they are generous and open about giving AND receiving.

Caps like things to be fair and above board, where everyone gets off, so the 69er works on more than just the physical level.

It’s like a team effort, both of you working towards the grand ‘O’ together and in harmony.

Aquarius = The Move’n’Shake

Naturally analytical and curious, Aquarians enjoy off-the-beaten-track trials of new stuff and techniques.

Bonking on a washing machine running at full spin is the kind of experiment you can do at home, and repeat if necessary!

Lie face-down on top of a washing machine, with your feet flat on the floor.

Your partner should stand behind you with their hands on your hips, thrusting from behind.

When the machine hits ‘spin cycle’ have them lean forward so that their thighs are pressed against you. The high-speed vibrations will tremor through both of your bodies!

Pisces = The X-Factor

Spending a whole day in bed together is probably Pisceans’ ideal way to spend ANY day.

This love-hungry sign has the appetite, patience and natural empathy to make sure everyone is getting their kicks.

The addition of toys just brings in even more options.

Lie on your sides, facing each other. Once your partner has entered you, both of you should lean your chests back so your bodies are forming an X shape.

Now your partner has extra space to use the vibrator  while he thrusts, or you can use it on them, if they like it.

Win, win!

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