This is how to add affordable bespoke jewellery to your outfit

Written by George Wales

Always dreamt of owning custom jewellery but never known how to buy or make it? There’s a surprisingly straightforward way to make it yourself…

Off-the-shelf jewellery is all well and good, but there’s nothing quite like upgrading your accessory game with a unique, bespoke piece you’re guaranteed not to see sparkling back at you from somebody else’s wrist/chest/ring finger.

However, the main drawback with custom jewellery has often been the cost, with most pieces carrying a price tag that stretched beyond your average treat purchase. But what if you could reduce the impact on your bank account by designing one for yourself?

Well, Stylist has teamed up with jewellery experts CAST to give you the opportunity to do just that, with an exclusive design-your-own jewellery kit that lets you bring your ideal piece to life for £89.

Each kit includes all the tools and materials you’ll need to create your design, with access to an online “maker’s table” full of instructions and inspo to help get you started. Once you’ve mapped out your design, you’ll send it off to the makers to be cast into sterling silver (with the option to upgrade to gold or add stones to your piece for an additional fee), with the finished article returned to you through the post.

Not sure exactly what you’d create? Never fear. When you buy your kit, you’ll get access to exclusive footage of our Stylist fashion team designing their own creations, with step-by-step instructions on how to make their pieces if you want to replicate their look. 

With a whole host of inspo to get your ideas flowing and all the tools you need to bring them into being, the custom piece of your dreams has never been more attainable. Supplies are limited, so make sure to order yours ASAP…

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