Venus dimples are the cheeky new celeb look loved by Kendall Jenner – and could even give you better orgasms – The Sun

THEY'RE the new must-have body craze… except this time, we're talking about a different pair of cheeks.

Yes, dimples are back in fashion – not the cute, charming ones you flash when you smile, but the ones on, erm, your bottom.

“Butt dimples” have rocketed in popularity recently after Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner sent fans wild arching their backs to show off the dips in their lower backs.

But they're not the only ones rocking the dip. Kylie Jenner modelled hers while wearing a green thong and lying on a sofa, while Aussie model Miranda Kerr and ex Made in Chelsea star Kimberly Garner are also making the sizzling look their own.

Also known as “Venus dimples” – because they often feature in classical paintings of the Roman Goddess of Love – butt dimples are the symmetrical indents on your lower back.

Now, after centuries of being celebrated in paintings of nude goddesses, they are making a return… and could even spice up your sex life with better orgasms.

Healthy is the new sexy

Everybody naturally has butt dimples, but there's a reason celebs flaunting them like Hailey Baldwin and Miley Cyrus look so glowing.

The fact that the dips are found just below the curve of a woman's waist means they help accentuate toned, sexy backs –  increasingly a sign of overall health.

“As we move into a time where wellness and health has become the new sexy, we have started to focus on areas of the body that are associated with healthy living and the back is one of them," says aesthetic doctor Dr David Jack.

Butt dimples are also likely to be seen as feminine because they are more visible in women.

“It tends to be that women have a slightly higher percentage of body fat than men, and a slightly differently shaped pelvis so it can be the case that they are more visible and deeper in females than males," Dr Jack adds.

Butt dimples make it 'easier to orgasm'

Showing off your dimples can also spice up your sex life – helping to attract a man and supposedly even giving you better orgasms.

According to one study, men are much more attracted to women a strong, curvy spine – particularly if their bottoms form a 45.5 degree angle to her body.

A strong spine would have made it easier for women to walk and forage in hunter-gatherer societies while pregnant, suggests psychologist Dr David Lewis.

He suggests that men thinking they are admiring the perfect bottom may in fact be unconsciously drawn to a woman's curvy derriere for evolutionary reasons.

They are getting attention now as we are moving away from over-filled, fat buttocks towards a different trend of more shapely, toned version

"Men may be directing their attention to the butt and obtaining information about women's spines, even if they are unaware that is what their minds are doing," he says.

Some experts even believe strong muscle tone in the lower pelvic region, indicated by butt dimples, may make it easier for a woman to orgasm.

This could be due to better blood flow in the region and therefore more powerful muscle spasms at the moment of climax.

Dimples thought to bring good luck

Whatever the reason, after a string of controversial Instagram fads, from the “thigh gap” to the “bikini bridge”, this new social media status symbol is a refreshing change.

Butt dimples' popularity is a sign that women are moving away from wanting larger bums, plastic surgeon Dr Lucy Glancey suggests, a welcome development after a string of deaths among women getting Brazilian butt lifts abroad.

“They are getting attention now as we are moving away from over-filled, fat buttocks towards a different trend of more shapely, toned version," she says.

“They are seen as beautiful because on social media sites they signify a slim and toned body, so fitness models and influencers are tending to show them off more.”

Historically Venus Dimples – where have long been a feature of classical art – have been seen as “bringing good luck and blessings.”

This may be due to the fact that in classical times, dimples that were far apart were viewed as a sign that a woman was more fertile – possibly because she had a bigger pelvis, and so might find it easier to give birth.

Even so, it's a mistake to believe they are a must-have. Some people are just born with them.


Back experts like Tim Allardyce say whether you have very visible back dimple is also down to your genetics.

"You might expect a fitter person with less body fat to have more prominent back dimples.

“But in reality, they are just sometimes more visible on some people than others.”

Whether you have them or not, we can only applaud celebs showing off a healthy lifestyle – and looking better than ever as they rock the 'dimple'.

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