'Very slimy' and 'bloody' designer shoes are on the market for £790

Designer Beate Karlsson is known for her quirky, surreal designs.

She even has a wearable prosthetic butt, inspired by none other than Kim Kardashian.

Now, the designer has collaborated with Scandinavian fashion brand Avavav Firenze in Italy, to offer a unique pairs of boots that are sure to attract attention.

Beate has two new footwear options, one that is ‘very slimy’ while the other is ‘bloody’.

Both of the thigh-high boots, in striking green and red, come with comically large soles, both retailing at €900 (£720).

The new items have got the backing of some social media users who love the wacky design.

Many said they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the stuff.

Over on Instagram, Avavav shared images of the new look, saying: ‘By combining fun everyday wear with avant-garde pieces, Avavav wants to bridge the future with today.’

The shoes, as well as other wearable items including shirts and blazers, are locally sourced and not mass produced.

One of the jumpers are also emblazoned with ‘We Only Made 21 of These’, adding to its allure.

And fans can’t get enough. One person wrote: ‘THIS IS THE BEST I NEED IT ALL!!!’

‘Absolutely adore your work!! Its magical,’ said another.

Another added: ‘I am just disgusted that I can’t buy the bloody feet right now! UGH!!!! The ONLY downfall of handmade items!’

A fourth said: ‘This is elegant and stunning work.’

Beate, who embraces the weird and fantastical, said she revelled in the chance to produce something for Avavav.

She told Paper: ‘Avavav gave me the opportunity of creating a collection with creative freedom and a more sustainable production chain.

‘My pieces have long been a product of trying to liberate myself from known shapes. I’ve felt that approaching otherness in the contemporary fashion landscape has been an effective vehicle to change some of the most pressing errors of the industry, while still being just about fruition of innovation.’

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