Wackiest Dressed Celebrities At 2019 Oscars: Linda Cardellini, Ryan Seacrest & More

Some of the 2019 Academy Awards red carpet look weren’t exactly our favorite! We weren’t big fans of Linda Cardellini, Ryan Seacrest, and others’ outfits at the Oscars this year!

Unfortunately, not everyone hits the mark at The Academy Awards red carpet. It’s a huge night, and many have a big selection of outfit options to get the look just right. But it doesn’t always work out to be a killer outfit, and that’s okay! Not every dress is going to be your “Best Dressed” outfit, and luckily for these stars, they will probably have plenty of other award shows to prove themselves. But at the 2019 Oscars, their outfits just didn’t work for us.

This year, Mad Men Emmy Award-winning actress Linda Cardellini, 43, wore a puffy, large, pink dress. We didn’t love the dress in that it seemed to almost swallow her whole, but Linda’s makeup and stunning updo really worked for us! Another star, radio host Ryan Seacrest, 44, didn’t exactly wow us either with his suit. Ryan wore a burgundy jacket with black pants, but the jacket wasn’t a win due to just how plain it was. We wanted more from the red carpet expert – maybe next time!

There have definitely been some not-so-great looks in years’ past as well. While Gwyneth Paltrow, 46, won an Oscar in 1999 for Shakespeare in Love, her 2002 red carpet look did not win for us! She wore a sheer grey tank top with a black ruffled skirt – and while this combination could’ve passed on a night out, it wasn’t the type of grand outfit we’d expect on an evening event such as the Academy Awards! Another look we weren’t wild over was 51-year-old country singer Faith Hill’s dress in 2002 – the star wore an ombré-like rainbow dress with geometric design throughout. Of course, there’s no denying that Faith is a stunning woman – her makeup and hair were definitely on point! – but the dressed seemed more high school prom than Oscar-worthy!

Be sure to check out the gallery above for more of this year’s wackiest dressed! And while these looks weren’t our favorite, maybe these stars will get it right next time!

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