Wedding guest gets mistaken for the bride after wearing a white lacy ballgown to the ceremony

A WEDDING guest has been slammed for wearing a white lacy ballgown to the ceremony.

A photo of the woman was shared on Reddit, where people mistook her for the bride.

The caption explained of the woman in the bridal-style gown: “That woman on the left is not the bride…”

People were shocked that a guest would be so bold as to wear a white dress to a wedding – let alone a lacy one that looks fit for a bride.

One Reddit user didn’t hold back, and said: “Do these women not realise that wearing a wedding gown – when they’re not the bride – only makes them look pathetic?”

Another added: “I think some do it as a sort of 'power move' over the bride.”

A third even said: “My own mother did it to me.”

Many people commented that the bride should have asked the woman to leave.

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