Why a Slip Dress and Sneakers Is My New Favorite Outfit

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To be honest, it happened on accident. I had decided to give up sweatpants altogether and make use of the rest of my wardrobe. Though I hadn’t visited the slip-dress section in quite a few months, I felt the urge to wear something sensual and sexy, even while working from home. With the temperature rising, I made my decision: a slip dress it was. Every day, my partner and I take a social-distancing walk around the neighborhood, and that’s when I teamed the aforementioned slip dress with sneakers, because slippers aren’t exactly functional for an activity that involves getting from point A to point B (though in my most recent experience, point A is always the bedroom and point B is always the kitchen).

Upon checking myself out in the elevator mirror, I realized I really loved my look. It felt effortless and sporty, but a slip is such a feminine, boudoir-inspired piece. My outfit said, “I can take on the world right now — I can spend time in my home and also get some fresh air outside with just two really simple basics from my closet.” While a lot of people think of their sneakers as the answer to bike shorts and joggers right now and their slips to be reserved for date night only, I’m here to challenge the notion. Ahead, evidence that this combination doesn’t just work but also works well.

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