Woman ‘distraught’ after ordering £50 birthday cake for husband that looks ‘like it was made by a child’

NO BIRTHDAY celebration is complete without a cake, but one woman's thoughtful idea for her brother didn't go quite to plan.

Having ordered a 'professional' fishing-themed cake for £50, Sam Faulkner, from Reading, was left distraught when she saw how it turned out.

Sam had been inspired by a lovely cake she'd seen on Pinterest, beautifully decorated with jumping fish, reeds, a fishing rod and a wooden-style sign saying 'Happy birthday' for her angler brother, Graham.

She sent a picture of the Pinterest cake to the cake maker to help express her vision.

However, something was clearly lost in translation, as when the cake arrived, it was nothing like what she'd imagined.

Sharing in her disappointment, Sam's mother, Sue posted about the cake on a local Facebook group.

Speaking to Berkshire Live, Sue said, "My daughter was distraught at when she opened the box. It was nothing like the picture."

"She’d paid half the money for the cake to this woman and what came back looked like it was made by a child. Honestly, it was laughably bad."

"The name Graham didn’t even have a capital letter, it was that bad."

The birthday cake had lumpy blue icing which was much darker than the blue icing Sam had requested.

It had also been decorated with a bright yellow block of icing to in an attempt to replicate the little wooden jetty, but the fishing rod and jumping fish are nowhere to be seen.

To make matters worse, the disaster cake was said to be covered in dog hairs.

Sam was able to get £15 of her money back and took the case to Trading Standards to prevent the same thing happening again.

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