Woman shares quick hack to make heels less painful

After months of going barefoot, wearing trainers and comfy sliders, sore feet are not a welcome part of post-lockdown life.

They’re often the product of some pretty but painful high-heeled shoes.

And it’s safe to say they make dressing up that bit less fun.

But it seems one woman in San Diego, California, has the answer – after sharing her hack for sorting painful heels on Instagram.

Her video, which has more than 250k views, offers a strange suggestion to the common problem – involving a familiar household product.

Michelle reveals that taping your third and fourth toes together will make the experience less painful.

She says in the post: ‘I haven’t worn heels in about 19 months. To be totally honest, I’ve mostly worn leggings and sweats and sneakers. But I had a wedding to attend Saturday and it was time to bust out the dancing shoes.

‘I tried this years ago and vaguely remembered that it helped and so began my experiment.

‘All bridesmaids were on board with me. So there we were, taping our toes together and everyone agreed it definitely helped with pain on the balls of the feet, particularly when standing in one spot.

‘I can honestly say I will do this every time I wear heels or boots with heels.’

So, all you need to make this work is clear sticky tape, which no one will be able to see unless they are looking extremely closely.

Then, wrap your third and fourth toes together – as this helps to stop the balls of your feet from getting sore after a day of standing up.

Though perhaps odd to think about at first, it seems it’s backed up by experts too.

Someone replied to the post: ‘Ok, fun fact, my brother-in-law is a podiatrist and I just asked about this. He says this is legit and gave me a whole run down on why. I gave him grief why he never told me about this one.’

Michelle supported this in the comments, responding to someone asking why it works with: ‘Taping these toes removes pressure from a nerve in your foot that causes a lot of pain.

‘I know it’s a bit more complicated than that but that’s the simplest explanation I could find.’

Many others commented that they too would give it a try for upcoming events.

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