Woman who’s ‘sick of’ lending pal money that she never pays back is slammed for giving it to her in the first place

LENDING friends money can be a tricky thing to navigate, especially if one person feels repeatedly short-changed.

When one woman who's 'sick of' her friend borrowing money from her shared her situation on Mumsnet, she was met with criticism rather than friendly advice.

People told her that she needed to be completely honest, and confront her friend about it.

Some slammed her for lending her friend money in the first place, while others came up with different ways of dealing with the situation.

Writing on Mumsnet, she said: "Two weeks ago my friend asked to borrow £20 till she got paid (on Monday). 

"Sunday night she text saying ASOS had a make up bag she wanted and it's £12 but they had 20% off so it was only £9.60 but the discount would end by the time she got paid the following day and would I order it and she would transfer it with the £20.

"I said that's fine and ordered it. Monday morning I woke up to a text: 'Hi I've transferred the £20 I owe you, but I'll sort the rest out the next time I see you as I get confused ha ha'

"That's what she says when she isn't going to pay (she plays the confused card). Seen her on Tuesday and she said 'Oh god I feel stupid saying this but I've just been to Asda and got too spendy and thought I was rich and now I've spent all my spare money am I ok to sort it out next month'

"Obviously all I could say was yeah sure. She won't, it will end up being a gift from me. It's always the amounts under £10 she never pays.

"I always think it's only £5 or it's only £4 but it all adds up. Anyway the make up bag is due today.

"Aibu to say the parcel didn't arrive and it must be missing then return it? I know that sounds sneaky and underhand but I'm sick of it."

The post soon attracted many comments from other Mumsnet users, telling her to "put on her big girl pants", deal with the problem head on, and not to resort to lying about it.

One put it bluntly and said, "You know what she's like but you keep lending her money. The problem is you."

Another, singing from the same hymn sheet as the person quoted above, said, "She keeps doing this because you enable her… Stop being a mug."

Others had a different solution, which was to offer it as a Christmas present, and then – most importantly – stop lending her friend money.

Someone commented: "I'd give it to her as a Christmas present but tell her that up front."

They remarked, "Slightly concerning that she seems to be living hand to mouth but suddenly decides she wants a new make-up bag. Is she struggling or just crap with money?"

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