Women shares tip for keeping flowers fresh for weeks and all you need is a 2p

PEOPLE have been sharing their incredible trick of keeping their flowers fresh for weeks by simply placing a 2p coin inside the vase. 

Taking to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the savvy homeowners shared how the hack had helped their bunches to stay alive for longer than normal. 

One person shared a photo of their beautiful flowers, and said they had tried out the 2p trick. 

They wrote: “These are nearly 2 weeks old, with a 2p in the bottom! Definitely works.”

Another posted a picture of their blooms with the caption: “Works for me.”

Other people recommended sticking a needle through the stem just under the flower head.

So what does science say about the 2p coin trick and does it really work to keep flowers fresh for longer?

According to The Conversation, copper coins do act as an antimicrobial agent. 

They wrote: “Cut flowers begin to degrade almost instantly. Air and bacteria can block the small pores of the vascular system of plants, stopping vital water and food from being distributed around the flower, and they start to wilt. 

“So by reducing the microorganisms in the flower’s water you should be able to increase the life of your flowers.

“So again, in theory, the copper in coins might be able to kill bacteria and keep cut flowers fresh."

However, they also added that not enough tests have been done to fully back up the theory.

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