You've been doing your washing all wrong & could be making it dirtier – three secret spots you need to always keep clean

HAVING to wash your clothes is inevitable. But if you're going to spend so much time doing it, then you may as get it right.

Australian decluttering and organisation guru Anita Birges has revealed three secret spots in your washing machine you're probably not cleaning – and avoiding them could be making your clothes dirtier.

In a video shared on her TikTok page she pointed out that the filter is often missed.

"All you need to do is pop it open, turn it anti-clockwise, let the water come out," she said. " And then wow, look at all these things we have found in there."

Next, she said, look at your dispenser, which is where your laundry liquid goes.


Anita said it's "so easily removed" so there should be no reason for not cleaning it.

"You're actually going to be quite shocked with what you're going to find in here," she said, revealing a disgusting amount of build-up gunk lurking in the creases.

While you're giving your washing machine a good clean, don't for to check teh rubber seal.

It's as simple as shoving a microfibre towel of cloth inside it andgiving it a good "wipe out."

The machine Anita demonstrated on was a front loader, so top loader machine will be slightly different.

She said it belonged to a client of hers and admitted it was "filthy."

We also shared that some microwaves have hidden compartments with filters that need to be cleaned and replaced every so often. 

And you've been cleaning your sink all wrong as an expert reveals teh one spot you're missing.

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