You’ve been tying your hair up wrong at night – how to wake up with frizz-free hair every morning

A TIKTOK user has gone viral for her incredibly easy hack to wake up with frizz-free hair.

Ashley Pangallo, from the US, shared the hack with people on her TikTok account, ashmarrie12, where it has gone viral with over six million views.

Nothing is worse than having to get up extra early in the morning to tame your mane.

Whether you're smothering it in oils or spending hours straightening it, in the winter months it can be really hard to manage your hair and keep it looking silky smooth.

But hair-obsessed Ashley revealed that to wake up with frizz-free hair every morning all you need is a fluffy sock.

She wrote: "My secret hair hack to waking up with frizz-free hair."

Demonstrating the hack in a video, she simply takes a fluffy socks and puts it over her hand, she then grabs her hair and puts inside.

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She specifies that you must use a fluffy sock other a normal one as the soft texture will stop it getting frizzy as you sleep.

Users were blown away by the simple tip and asked Ashley to post a video showing the results of after she had slept in it.

Ashley did as people asked and her hair looks virtually untouched when she takes it out.

Which means no more early mornings trying to style our hair.

The hair and beauty influencer often shares tips on how to keep your hair smooth and healthy, and with how incredible her hair looks we don't blame users for heeding her advice.

One user wrote: "You just changed my life."

"Trying this! I have a silk Bonnet but it gives my a slight headache since I am not used to having something around my head! Love this idea!" Wrote another woman.

A third person commented: "To the sock drawer I go."

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