Zara’s Black Friday 2019 Sale Is Coming & It’s Gonna Be Epic

Do they call it Black Friday because some deals are so good, you just black out from all the deals and blindly add a billion things to your cart? Because that’s exactly what’s about to go down with me and Zara’s Black Friday 2019 sale. The ever-popular retailer is relatively sparse with "official" sales, apart from their notorious winter and summer sales and the abundance of items placed into the "special prices" section of the website. However, every Black Friday, Zara does bless us plebeians with a generous discount, prompting us to spend even more under the elusive guise of "well, it was on sale!"

There’s a very special feeling you get whenever you shop for something at Zara. It’s an intoxicating mix of feeling like you’re buying some luxurious item, feeling like you’re getting it at a sweet deal because of the decent price tag, and feeling like you must purchase at least 15 more things because of the price tag or so help your affordable luxury-loving soul. Love to see it. I also love to see Zara prices discounted, so let’s chat Black Friday, shall we?

Although Zara hasn’t officially announced its Black Friday sale for 2019, the retailer has followed a pretty particular pattern in years past: 30% off the whole site and off your purchase in store. While nothing’s confirmed just yet, I think it’s relatively safe to say you can expect a similar discount this year as well. But with so many choices, what are you gonna buy? Here are some key Zara pieces to consider:

If, for whatever reason, you snooze through Zara’s Black Friday sale, rest assured another sale will follow close behind it. The retailer’s annual winter sale typically begins not long after Christmas day and goes on until supplies run out essentially. The deals — some up to 70% off — are always mind-blowing, so mark your calendar.

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