14 best Valentine’s Day gifts for the man who has everything 2022

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I know it seems like we’ve only just finished Christmas shopping, but Valentine’s Day has a habit of sneaking up on you which can lead to panic buying something you can tell your special someone doesn’t really love – even if they don’t tell you that.

Shopping for men can be particularly tricky, especially for the ones who seem like they have everything. And though it’s hard, it’s not impossible. It just takes a bit of creativity and some brainstorming.

In order to find the perfect gift for the man in your life, you need to think of things he wouldn’t have even considered buying for himself – because chances are then he would have just bought it already.

You’ll need to consider any complaints they’ve been making recently; something they can use for one of their hobbies, or something they’ve made offhand comments about wanting to try.

In order to make present shopping for your boyfriend, husband, or guy you’re just casually dating easier in 2022, we’ve put together a guide of the 14 gifts we know he’ll love this Valentine’s Day.

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Dust and Things Personalised Chopping Board For Him

Men’s Fleece Slippers with Memory Foam

Cosy fleece slippers are a very safe bet this Valentine’s Day, especially if they’re lined with extra-comfortable memory foam like these ones on Amazon.

The thick fur lining will keep their feet warm through these bleak winter evenings and right into spring.

Buy: Amazon (£9.99)

The Whisky Selection & Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate is a V-Day classic that you really can’t go wrong with, but you can up the ante by adding some whisky into the mix.

This Whisky Selection & Chocolate Bouquet comes with a selection of miniature whiskeys, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and some delicious whisky-infused popcorn.

Buy: Amazon (£43.95)

Cheshire Cheese Company Best Sellers Cheese & Chutneys Gift Box

If the man in your life considers himself a bit of a cheese expert, he’ll be very impressed you picked out this best sellers box from the Cheshire Cheese Company.

Coming housed in a faux wicker basket, he will receive two international award-winning kinds of cheese and two small bath jars of chutney to complement them.

Buy: Amazon (£22)

Lagers Of the World – case of 12 bottled beers

Buying for a man of simple tastes who just can’t go past a pint in the evening? While he probably already has his go-to brew, this case of bottled beers comes with 12 lagers from 12 different countries across the globe so he can get a bit experimental.

Buy: Amazon (£32.99)

Beard Kit for Men

There’s little more attractive than a well-maintained beard, but if your man doesn’t have the right equipment it might be looking a little more shaggy than suave.

This comprehensive beard kit comes with all the combs, products, and trimming equipment he needs to keep his facial hair in tip-top shape.

Buy: Amazon (£19.91)

iKristin Neck Massager with Heat

Working hunched over a laptop all day can wreak havoc on your neck, and unfortunately for those who need their devices for eight hours a day, taking a break isn’t really an option.

This heated neck massager from Amazon will relieve pain by kneading the affected areas and helping soothe aching muscles.

Buy: Amazon (£42.97)

Lazy Man Frying Pan

You can often tell a man has been cooking by the fact every pot and pan they own is waiting to be washed. This frying pan is big enough to fit multiple portions with their own little sections so they can cook a full meal from the same frypan, limiting the amount of mess and dishes that are left at the end.

Buy: Amazon (£35)

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

This gift idea is a little fancy and is a decadent treat for the cocktail-lover in your life.

If your man loves a good gadget as much as a perfectly concocted cocktail, this Cocktail and Margarita Machine is about to be his favourite thing in the house.

Using the machine couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is pop in your cocktail capsule, select your desired strength and size, press a button and voila – you’ve got a cocktail. It’s almost as luxurious as having an in-house mixologist.

Buy: Amazon (£571.47)

Wine Bottle Accessory Set

Ever go to reach for your bottle opener and can’t find it because it’s lost amongst all your other utensils? This Wine Bottle Accessory Set houses all the tools wine lovers could need inside a sleek, black, bottle-shaped case that will look stylish on any kitchen shelf.

Buy: Menkind (£13)

Multi-Purpose Lap Desk

In the days of working from home, working from the comfort of your couch is a welcome treat every now and then. But after a while, having your laptop on your knees gets uncomfortable and you need to head back to your desk in order to get anything done.

With this Multi-Purpose Lap Desk, he’ll be able to set up on the couch for hours, as it has a cushioned base to keep him comfortable while he gets work done (and watches Netflix with you).

Buy: Menkind (£20)

Duncan Stewart Personalised Waffle Dressing Gown

Good quality robes and sleepwear are things men often don’t think to buy themselves, making it a good gifting opportunity for you.

This personalised dressing gown from Duncan Stewart is made from a luxurious waffle material and can be embellished with his initials to make it even more thoughtful.

Buy: Not on The High Street (£39.95)

Koko Blossom Monochrome Personalised Suitcase

Are you dating someone who travels a lot but still continues to use the same, decades-old duffel bag for their luggage? Show them the error of their ways with this glamorous monochrome personalised suitcase that is perfect for carry-on.

Buy: Not on The High Street (£139.95)

Custom Electric wood Branding Iron

A man who can’t get enough of cooking meat will get a real kick out of this personalised branding iron that will impress guests and ensure they know who the genius behind the meal was.

Buy: Etsy (£18.40)

Dust and Things Personalised Chopping Board For Him

Does the man in your life consider himself to be the head chef of the house? Then he’ll love this chopping board that comes emblazoned with his name along with the title of head chef, and you can even put a loving Valentine’s Day message on the back of the board.

Buy: Not on The High Street (£12.50)

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