18 takeaways from the 2019 Golden Globe TV nominations

Golden Globes TV takeaways

From pleasant shocks (Connie Britton!) to unpleasant omissions (no Atlanta?), here are EW’s TV critics with their big takeaways from Thursday’s Golden Globes nominations.

Connie Britton, nominated for Dirty John (Bravo)

Obviously it is not a surprise that Connie Britton kills it in her role as deceived SoCal wife Deborah Newell in Bravo’s true-crime adaptation, but the show has only aired two episode so far. Kudos to the Golden Globes voters for letting this addictive new series slip under the wire. —Kristen Baldwin

Stephan James, nominated for Homecoming (Amazon Prime)

I worried that Julia Roberts’ costar in Amazon’s fabulous paranoid thriller would get overshadowed by, well, Julia Roberts. But the HFPA honored James’ ludicrously charming, encroachingly freaky performance with a Best Actor Drama nod. (James is also in multiple film nominee If Beale Street Could Talk.) —Darren Franich

Atlanta (FX) snubbed, save for Donald Glover

The big eyeroll on nominations morning was the lack of a Best Musical/Comedy nomination for FX’s masterly surrealcom. And beyond creator Glover, the talented cast (Zazie Beetz! Brian Tyree Henry! Lakeith Stanfield!) was snubbed, too. Does The Kominsky Method have Teddy Perkins? Does Kidding have Clark County? Did Marvelous Mrs. Maisel have an existential consideration of the cultural meaning of Drake’s Instagram presence? Those shows did not have those things, man, Atlanta did! —DF

The Good Fight (CBS All Access)

I will literally pay for a CBS All Access subscription for all 90-plus members of the HFPA if it will get them to watch this show. —KB

Bodyguard (Netflix) gets a drama nod

The Hollywood Foreign Press loves an overseas production, which is perhaps why this six-episode BBC series — a fun, intense thriller starring the compelling/handsome Richard Madden — beat out other worthy dramas (cough The Good Fight cough) for a slot in this category. —KB

A Very English Scandal (Amazon Prime) gets Globes love

Speaking of British things! Local Globes TV seer Lynette Rice predicted this, so I shouldn’t be surprised by the nominations for Amazon’s miniseries and its stars Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw. And yet, I am surprised. Between this and Paddington 2, it’s a real Hughaissance! (The Whishawaissance started eons ago.) —DF

Pose (FX) gets a Best Drama nod

The category is: Thank you, Hollywood Foreign Press! This beautiful but underwatched drama deserves all the attention it can get. —KB

No nomination for Jodie Comer, Killing Eve

Though Killing Eve landed a Best Drama nomination and a Best Actress nod for star Sandra Oh, once again Jodie Comer’s revelatory performance as the wily, brilliant assassin Villanelle is ignored. Who does she have to kill to get some respect? —KB

Candice Bergen nominated for Murphy Brown (CBS)

The show premiered to tepid reviews (at best), worse ratings, and is not likely to return for another season. Bergen made the role of Murphy iconic in the ’90s, but she and the rest of the cast just couldn’t muster the same magic the second time around. —KB

America Ferrera misses out on a nod for Superstore (NBC)

I keep hoping Ferrera’s steadily great work on this wonderful NBC sitcom will earn awards attention. Perhaps she will be nominated when NBC revives Superstore in the 2030s! —DF

The Good Place (NBC) gets Globes love, but not for D’Arcy Carden

How nice of the HFPA to recognize NBC’s critically acclaimed afterlife sitcom, with nominations for Best Musical/Comedy and for Kristen Bell. Sad that they overlooked Carden’s splendidly daffy performance as omniscient angelbot-thing Janet. —DF

A snub for Lodge 49 (AMC)

You never know what low-rated freshman TV series the Globes will bestow pleasantly unexpected nominations upon. I was hoping the HFPA would notice AMC’s delightful modern fairy tale about surfing and plumbing sales, but I guess it just wasn’t Kominsky Method-ish enough. —DF

No nomination for Betty Gilpin, GLOW (Netflix)

No nod for Liberty Belle? This is worse than when Zoya the Destroya kidnapped her daughter! —DF

A Sacha Baron Cohen surprise for Who Is America? 

Answer: America is the one scratching its head wondering how the shock comic earned a nomination for four lame performances (the Israeli military dude was kiiiiinda funny). —DF

Cobra Kai (YouTube Premium) strikes out

A hit movie franchise transformed into a delightful family dramedy starring Ralph Macchio? It checks every Golden Globes voter box. For shame, HFPA. —KB

A Penn Badgley snub for YOU (Lifetime)

The former Gossip Girl star reinvented himself with his turn as a crazy-clingy murderous stalker/almost-lovable hero. Plus, he hasn’t aged a day! —KB

A suprise nod for The Alienist (TNT)

It certainly was a TV show, sure, but consider me confused by various voting bodies’ continued embrace of this expensive period crime slog, nominated for a couple prizes in the Limited Series category. —DF

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