30 Instagram Captions For Space Cowgirl Costume Pics That Are Cute & Cosmic

Your friends may be dressing up like ghosts and witches this Halloween, but you’re going to take a more cosmic route. You’re going to toss on some glittery leggings, a cowboy hat, and a shiny vest and pretend you’re the coolest space cowgirl in the entire universe. Once you’re all dressed up, you’ll capture some new #content in front of streamers and likely need some Instagram captions for space cowgirl costume pics.

Don’t feel like you need to jet-set all over the galaxy to find a caption so cute and clever. Everything you’re looking for is right here, along with a few photo ideas to recreate in your not-so-spooky costume. First, you’ll want to set up a backdrop which can be made of sparkly streamers or a white sheet. From there, you’ll want to pose with props that remind you of outer space. This could be a Buzz Lightyear action figure, a lamp that looks like the moon, a Baby Yoda stuffed animal, or even a shooting star that you made out of paper and attached to a popsicle stick.

As the self-timer goes off on your camera, act as if you just discovered a new planet, or are the strong barrier between the evil in the galaxy and your adorable alien friends. Edit the #content you get with a hazy filter or one that adds glitter to your outfit. Then, post it on Instagram with a caption that’s cosmic, cute, and clever.

1. "Do these leggings make it look like I’m exploring the galaxy?"

2. "Out here looking for Joey Tribbiani’s imaginary friend."

3. "Wanna be my space cowboy?"

4. "Feeling cute, might explore the galaxy later."

5. "I’m going to spend Halloween hopping from one planet to the next."

6. "Love you to the moon and to Saturn." — Taylor Swift, "seven"

7. "What are you doing on this side of the galaxy?"

8. "Making alien friends like it’s my full-time job."

9. "The perk of being a space cowgirl is you can befriend Baby Yoda."

10. "I’m all dressed up like a space cowgirl, and have nowhere to go."

11. "I’ll tip my glittery hat to that."

12. "Would you rather go to outer space or the bottom of the ocean?"

13. "Be right back. Riding my horse to the moon."

14. "Has anyone seen my space horse?"

15. "You can have your space, cowboy." — Kacey Musgraves, "Space Cowboy"

16. "The wild, wild universe is calling my name."

17. "My first mission as space cowgirl will be to declare Pluto a planet again."

18. "Step aside, Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s a new space cowgirl in town."

19. "Howdy, partner. Fancy meeting you on this planet."

20. "There can only be one space cowgirl in this cosmic town."

21. "The more glitter that’s in your costume, the merrier."

22. "Sorry, can you repeat that? I was spacing out."

23. "Some of my costume ideas are just out of this world."

24. "The superlative for most stellar costume probably goes to me."

25. "Taking my love for astrology to a whole new level."

26. "Give me some outer space, please."

27. "What kind of shower does a space cowgirl take? A meteor shower."

28. "I decided I was done with Earth, so I became a space cowgirl."

29. "Gravity is overrated, right?"

30. "Full disclosure: I may wear this costume even when it’s not Halloween."

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