35 Clever Things That Make Your Backyard Useable In The Fall & Winter

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The best part of summer is being able to use your backyard. I’m talking about grilling weeknight dinners, enjoying family time on the patio, and more — but all of it becomes a little less comfortable once the weather turns cold. What if you could use your backyard all year round, though? Enter: the clever products on Amazon that make your yard usable during any season.

I’m not talking about giant heated tents (those cost an arm and usually a leg). I’m talking about affordable home upgrades that even novice DIYers can tackle. Those include upgrades like sleek steel fire pits and remote-controlled heaters to keep your patio warm and inviting. I’ve also made sure to include string lights that cast a cozy ambiance when the sun goes down early in the winter, and even a heated buffet server — because cold food isn’t always ideal.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for things that’ll upgrade your home for less or a rechargeable electronic hand warmer that doubles as a portable phone charger; Amazon’s got the best selection at the lowest prices. So what are you waiting for? Your backyard is already great — but you can make it even better with the products from this list.

With folding legs that break down for easy transportation (while not lit), this fire pit is perfect for car camping, backyard get-togethers, or even just making s’mores. It’s made from durable steel that’s heat-resistant, and the mesh cover helps prevent embers and debris from popping onto the ground.

With removable trays for chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows, this s’mores caddy makes it easy to carry all your ingredients from the kitchen to your campfire. While the ingredients don’t come included, one reviewer raved that it’s "so much better" than stuffing everything into a plastic shopping bag.

Add these LED tiki torches to your gardens, walkways, or even to your campsite, and they’ll help illuminate your way in the dark. The light flickers to simulate a real flame, and the solar-powered battery lasts for up to 10 hours when fully charged — which only takes about eight hours.

You don’t have to sit outside in the dark just because the sun went down. Instead, you can illuminate your yard with these umbrella lights. The warm white light casts a cozy ambiance across your patio, and each order comes with a remote control so that you can control them without having to reach up.

Fences, guardrails, stairs, lattice — you name it, and these solar-powered lights can be mounted using either the included adhesive or screws. Each light is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about rain — and they provide up to 12 hours of light at night. Unlike other outdoor lights, these ones also feature seven LED colors, as well as a rotating carousel mode.

My old phone has pretty lousy battery life, which is why I keep this electronic hand warmer in my backpack at all times. Not only does it work as an external battery when my phone needs a charge, but it’s also nice to keep on hand (since I get cold easily). The temperature is adjustable, and it’s mad from durable, aircraft-grade aluminum.

Made with soft, extra-plush fabric, this sweatshirt is so comfortable that it feels like you’re lounging — or even getting the mail — in a cozy blanket. The double-sided flannel fabric features a windproof layer to help you stay warm if you wear it outside, and the large pocket is great for remotes, phones, or even a hand warmer.

Don’t let the wind and rain damage your patio furniture over time; help keep them protected with these covers. They’re made from heavy-duty Oxford fabric that’s waterproof as well as UV-resistant, and the elastic hem on the bottom is adjustable for a custom, tight fit.

If your patio chairs are as uncomfortable as mine were, you’re going to love this sherpa chair cushion. It’s ergonomically designed to support your lumbar so that your back doesn’t ache halfway through the day, and there are tons of colors to choose from — wine, pink, coffee, and more.

Not only does this cover help protect your furniture from wear and tear, but it’s also heated to help you relax after a long, stressful day. The temperature is adjustable up to four levels for added comfort, and the non-skid backing helps it stay in place without shifting.

This remote-controlled heater can help you warm your backyard up with the press of a button — and apparently, it works in just three seconds. You can choose from three heat settings, and the auto-shutoff feature should kick in if it gets too heated. For $89 more, you can opt for the expert assembly package.

Instead of wiping down your patio furniture every time you want to sit, just keep it protected from dirt with this cover. Dust-proof as well as waterproof, this cover is large enough for most rectangular dining sets (there are different sizes available). The toggle on the bottom lets you adjust how it fits, and many reviewers wrote about how it’s "well-made."

Instead of leaving your firewood out in a pile, just keep it looking neat and tidy on this rack. The heavy-duty steel frame shouldn’t warp under dozens of logs, and it’s rust- as well as weather-resistant. Each order comes with all the necessary hardware for assembly.

Looking to step up your backyard barbecue game? This heated food server will make any buffet table look professional. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel that’s stain- as well as rust-resistant, and the containers nest inside of each other for easy storage.

Don’t let the rest of your dinner grow cold while everyone’s enjoying snacks on the patio — just keep it on this warming tray. It’s large enough to fit multiple dishes, and all types of baking pans, dishes, pots, and more are compatible. One reviewer even raved that "It kept the food nice and warm without concern for burning."

Whereas many warming plates are only compatible with mugs, this one is suitable to use with glasses made from plastic, glass, and more. The built-in temperature control helps prevent it from overheating, and it’s designed to keep your drinks at a constant 131 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s no indication that this platform waterproof — so if you use it outside, remember to bring it back in when you’re done.

Looking for an umbrella light that’s super versatile? This one is made to wrap around your umbrella pole — but it can also be used in tents, hung up on string lights, or even used standalone. Plus, it only requires four AA batteries (which aren’t included).

There’s no need to fret if you accidentally leave this UV bug zapper outside, as the waterproof casing will help keep it protected from the rain. Cleaning it is as easy as unscrewing the bottom and emptying out the collected bugs, and each order even comes with a miniature brush so you can keep your hands clean.

I have these string lights woven through the lattice on my balcony, and the glow they cast is so cozy I sometimes fall asleep out there. The bulbs are advertised as being waterproof — I’ve watered mine without any issue — and you can connect up to three strands for extra-large patios.

Tons of puck lights require batteries — but not these ones. Not only are they solar-powered, but each one is also waterproof for added durability. You can easily mount them anywhere using the included adhesive, and one reviewer even raved about how "bright" they are.

This heated blanket is perfect for cozying up outside on your patio furniture. Just plug it in and control the heat with the attached remote (there are three warmth levels to choose from). The blanket itself is doubled-sided — one with flannel and the other with sherpa — and it boasts an auto-shutoff feature that kicks in after three hours.

It only takes a few seconds for your pet to accidentally eat something they shouldn’t have, but you can keep them protected in the winter with this pet-safe ice melt. Formulated without any chloride, it works just as well as rock salt — but it lasts up to three times longer to help prevent re-icing on your driveway over and over again.

The sky is the limit with this hardwood walkway. Lay it down in your garden as a chic path, or even connect several back-to-back to create a trail to your patio. Each plank is made from weather-resistant cedar, and they easily rinse clean with a hose.

As long as you keep this snow broom in your car (or on your back porch), you’ll never be caught with an icy windshield or window after a storm. The foam sweeper head is non-abrasive, and the handle extends to help you reach the very top. The best part? There’s also an ice scraper at the bottom of the handle.

I lay this outdoor blanket down whenever I want to go relax in my backyard. Not only is it waterproof so that I stay high and dry, but it also folds down into a convenient travel bag when I’m done. Unlike other outdoor blankets, this one is large enough for up to three adults — so go ahead and have a picnic with your friends.

Whether you’re camping or kicking back on your patio, this elevated bed gives your pet a luxurious spot to rest with you. It’s great for dogs and cats alike, since the steel frame is able to support up to 100 pounds — and the thick padding is soft on their joints.

Whether you’re camping or grilling in the yard, this heated, portable chair will help keep you toasty. It’s made with high-density foam to keep you comfortable as you lounge, and you can even recline up to three levels. Simply plug it into any USB battery pack and you’re ready to go (no battery pack is included with the chair itself).

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own chic hammock chair, now’s your chance to grab this one that arrives with warm lights pre-installed. It’s made from 100% cotton — and if you don’t want to mount it into your ceiling, don’t worry — you can grab a stand for it here.

You don’t need to stumble around in the dark when you’re camping; just let your campsite glow with these string lights. Simply plug them into any USB battery, and they’ll help guide your way once the sun goes down. They’re waterproof as well as compact, and you can switch between seven LED colors: red, blue, green, and more.

Guess what? This warming plate doesn’t need any electricity in order to work. It features a stone center that absorbs heat in order to keep your meals warm, and it has cool handles for easy portability. According to the manufacturer, all you have to do is place it in the microwave for a couple of minutes prior to use.

Many bento boxes are made from plastic — but not this one. Not only is it made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but it’s also vacuum-insulated to help cold meals stay chilled while hot foods keep warm. It’s leakproof and BPA-free — and each order even comes with utensils.

You can help extend the life of your candles by using these warmers. — just place your candle on top, then turn it on. They’ll warm up just enough for the candle to release its scent — and since there’s no flame involved, they won’t melt away. It’s not waterproof, so take it back inside after using it in your yard.

These citronella candles come in gorgeous tins that’ll add to your patio decor (all while keeping the mosquitos away). Four come in one pack, and they’re all made with soy wax and cotton wicks. One customer wrote that they’re "very pretty while functional at the same time."

If you enjoy sipping coffee outside on chilly mornings but wish your coffee would stay warm amidst the cold weather, you’ll probably love this mug. It’s double-insulated and made of stainless steel so that your beverage stays warm, and it even has a lid for more protection. Not to mention, it’s available in over 15 colors and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Get cozy in your backyard with these plush slippers that can be worn outside. Not only do they have waterproof outsoles made with anti-skid rubber, but they’re also lined with fuzzy fleece and have memory foam footbeds. These slippers are available in five colors.

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