9 Best Floor Cleaners 2021 | The Sun UK

THE SECRET to a sparkling clean floor lies in both the cleaning product you’re using – and the tool you’re cleaning with.

The thing is, the market is saturated with cleaning products, which is why we've round-up the best floor cleaners that are available to make your house spick-and-span right.

For the ultimate in clean floors, you can always use Mrs. Hinch favourite, the concentrated disinfectant Zoflora, which you dilute in hot water to mop and buff the floors in the bathroom, kitchen and hallways.

Just note: Zoflora, which cleans and eliminates bacteria and germs – and can be used to clean pretty much anything you can think of – comes in a range of scents to appeal to everyone, but can’t be used on polished or oiled wood floors.

You should also invest in the right tools, from mops to hoovers, to ensure your floors are looking spotless.

Just remember: not every floor can be treated equally. Be sure to check the directions to ensure you don't actually use an abrasive cleaner to damage the finish of a hardwood floor.

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