‘A beautiful and majestic sight’: Dolphins seen swimming in East River

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Nature is healing: Tourists — and, apparently, dolphins — are returning to the Big Apple. 

“Dolphins, in the East River. What,” performer Cailin Anne, 26, captioned a video she took Tuesday morning from Greenpoint’s Transmitter Park, showing a trio of dolphins casually swimming alongside each other.

“Hello,” the Upper West Side resident greeted the mammals in a second video, as they gently tread away from the park, toward the center of the East River. “They just wanted to see the view,” she wrote over the clip. 

The three aquatic creatures were still perusing the waterways Tuesday afternoon, according to another video showing their fins bobbing in and out of the East River’s placid water. 

“Tuesday afternoon East River dolphin content,” wrote SLAM Chief Content Officer Adam Figman over a video of the dolphins that he posted to his Instagram Story. 

Figman, a Greenpoint resident, was prompted to spot the animals by a stranger who was unsure of their species.

“I was walking my dog on the pier and this guy was, like, ‘Check that out — I can’t figure out if they’re dolphins or sharks.’ He was very excited, though. He then decided probably dolphins,” Figman told The Post. “It was cool.”

The experience of spotting the dolphins was both surprising and heartwarming for Anne. 

“It was a combination of strange and inspiring,” she told The Post. “I lived in California for many years, so I’m used to seeing dolphins, but definitely not used to seeing them with the NYC skyline in the background.”

After so many months of social distancing and isolation due to the coronavirus crisis, seeing them freely swimming about together felt to Anne like a good omen of post-pandemic times to come. 

“I just thought it was such a beautiful and majestic sight to see, especially after spending so much of this past year indoors,” she went on. “It felt very hopeful in a way — it’s a beautiful spring day and dolphins are in the East River! There are still good things happening in the world, even if it’s a little odd.” 

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought about a number of positive headlines related to dolphins, including a May 2020 item about dolphins bringing “gifts” ashore in an Australian coastal town — possibly a sign of them missing human interaction — and a  September story about Hong Kong’s COVID-19 lockdown prompting the critically endangered pink bottlenose dolphin to repopulate local waters. 

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