A Viral-Again Video Of Melania Trump Watching Ballet At The White House Is Creeping Out Twitter

A 2017 video of First Lady Melania Trump is making the rounds on Twitter again for all the wrong reasons. In the clip originally shared by columnist Judy Kurtz of The Hill shows the first lady standing on a red-carpeted deck of stairs dressed in white as she watches a set of ballerinas perform at the White House.

Once again, Twitter users are having a strong reaction to the first lady’s demeanor in the video taken during last year’s Christmas celebrations at the White House, as The Indian Express pointed out. Trump appears rather uncomfortable as she stands on the stairs, motionless, as the three white-clad dancers move about in front of her.

According to one Twitter user, the first lady looks like one of the ghostly characters in The Haunting Of Hill House, while another user tweeted that Trump “looks like she’s waiting until they’re done so she can cross the floor.”

As Elite Daily reported at the time, it is unclear whether the first lady was expecting the dancers or if they were a surprise, but Trump certainly looks awkward at their performance. Trump is seen standing at the bottom of the stairs, with her arms still at her sides and a limited facial expression as she watches the ballerinas twirl and smile through their routine.

“The huge glasses, standing stiffly alone, her obvious awkwardness. That’s not a criticism. The woman looks absolutely miserable all the time, even when ballerinas perform for her,” another Twitter user wrote at the time in response to Kurtz’ tweet, while another one added, “That looks so uncomfortable. Why didn’t they at least have her sit down so it looked like a performance? This is just odd looking.”

The 200-year-old tradition of having the first lady of the United States set up Christmas decorations at the White House may not be Trump’s favorite times. This old video has resurfaced on the heels of yet another Christmas-themed controversy involving the first lady.

The White House unveiled this year’s Christmas decorations in a video last week, which quickly caused a kerfuffle online with users criticizing Trump’s choice to line the East Colonnade with crimson-hued Christmas trees. As The New York Times noted, Twitter was set ablaze with memes likening the trees to the costumes on the dystopian TV series The Handmaid’s Tale.

The first lady defended her choice of Christmas decorations last week during a town hall conversation at Liberty University, according to The New York Times report.

“Everybody has a different taste,” Trump said.

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