Adorable pitbull goes viral for funny ‘sad face’ he pulls to get his own way

An utterly adorable pooch has gone viral due to he hilarious face he pulls when his owner doesn’t let him sit in his lap while he drives.

Posting in the Reddit group r/aww, a snap of the little pitbull was captioned with the words: “The sad face he gives me when he can't sit in my lap while I drive.”

In the photo, the puppy stared at his owner with sad eyes and a chuckle-worthy downturned mouth which makes his pouting all the more effective.

And, over 56,000 social media users liked the funny post.

One person commented: “How can you stand to not let him drive the car?”

“‘Barbara, Barbara…Look at my face. We both know how this ends, so why don’t you just open up that lap and lemme snuggle in…Barbara!

"Shhhh, bebe…it’ll be ok. It, will, be, ok,” added another.

While a third wrote: “Um….yea. I get that look and this dog is getting my car keys, my social security number, my passport and my bank PIN. No questions asked.”

“You’ve REALLY let him down,” laughed a fourth.

A fan noted: “This is extremely awwwwww.”

However, some posters did point out that the pooch was not being transported safely.

One such advisor said: “Ideally dogs should be restrained in the backseat.

“My unrestrained Rottweiler cracked my windshield with her head when I had to brake hard to avoid an accident, and she went flying into it.”

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“I got a harness, bucket seat and safety rated seatbelt for my dog after reading on Reddit first responders and what they find with pets in car accidents,” added another.

And a third said: “Crating is a good idea for small dogs and cats.

“For medium sized animals (or if you have multiple small animals) you can use crash tested harnesses buckled into the back seat.

“Back seat is best because of the front passenger airbag, that thing is designed to save human and is too strong for something as small as even a medium sized dog.”

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