Alex Rodriguez Spent $4,000 For His Weight Loss Transformation

Alex Rodriguez proudly showed off his trimmed-down figure on Instagram this week. The dad of two revealed that he has been consistent with his diet and exercise, which he started in December 2020.

Rodriguez uploaded a side-by-side photo of himself from months ago and another photo taken recently. And the changes are definitely impressive.

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“Left the Dad-bod in 2020. Anyone else determined to stick with their fitness goals this year? I’ve been consistent with my workouts and finally put down the chips,” he captioned the photo.

Rodriguez hired a chef named Kelvin Fernandez, who regularly cooked healthy meals for him. In fact, the chef also commented on Rodriguez’s post by saying that he’s happy to be a part of his weight loss journey.

According to Page Six, Rodriguez also invested $4,000 on his latest workout program that lasted nine weeks.

Last month, Rodriguez also shared a photo of himself while working out at the gym. And workout founder Rodrigo Garduno said that Jennifer Lopez’s former fiancé has was committed to his 54-day program.

“He was at the training on time, no matter how busy his schedule could be. That is the only way to achieve results,” he said.

Rodriguez’s workouts consist of HIIT training, cardio, and weightlifting. He is also given nutritional counseling and is banned from consuming alcohol for nine straight weeks.

The $4,000 program also offers recovery plans such as freezing cold cryotherapy and Normatec boots.

Last year, Rodriguez’s chef told Us Weekly that his client usually starts his day with some greens.

“There’s always greens like spinach, cucumber, and celery to make green juice,” he said.

Rodriguez is also fond of eating egg whites, chicken apple sausage, and turkey bacon for break breakfast.

In 2019, Rodriguez joined forces with Lopez in doing a 10-day carb-free challenge that they managed to complete successfully. Back then, the couple didn’t consume carb-rich foods for over a week. After completing the challenge, the former baseball player reportedly indulged in his favorites: pizza, French fries, tacos, and more.

Around the same time, Rodriguez also revealed that he underwent an intense diet and exercise routine ahead of the Met Gala.

“I’m taking two yoga classes, and I’m running the stairs for an hour, and I haven’t eaten in 24 hours. I did Sunday night baseball, I couldn’t even complete a sentence I was so hungry,” he said.

Rodriguez managed to lose six and a half pounds before the event. And he also dropped from a size 48 to a size 44.

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Source: People, Page Six, Us Weekly

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