Amanda Holden poses with rarely seen daughter Hollie as they play in the snow

AMANDA Holden has posted a sweet mother-daughter snap playing in the snow with her rarely-seen eight-year-old Hollie.

The 49-year-old took to Instagram to share the sweet picture of herself and her daughter lovingly smiling at each other as they enjoyed the frosty weather.

The pair headed outside to enjoy the snow in their pyjamas, with Amanda in a blue fur-trimmed coat and Hollie in a teddybear jacket.

TV personality and singer Amanda snapped a quick shot as she and Hollie, who is rarely seen on the star's social media, doted on each other.

Sweetly referring to her daughter as "her Royal highness", Amanda explained they were "finding joy" playing in the snow.

She hinted that it had been a struggle as the UK was plunged into another lockdown, with the family getting through it all "a day at a time".

She wrote: "In a recent flurry of snow, #HRH [Hollie] and I ran outside in our #pjs to make the most of it…

"Getting through this #lockdown one day at a time and finding a moment of joy is key #wecandothis."

Fans gushed over the photo, taking to the comments to share how "sweet" and "beautiful" the pair are.

"OMG this is super sweet," wrote one fan. "So cute of the two of you and look at lovely Hollie."

Another agreed: "Look at those smiles on both of your faces. It's so beautiful. Making memories together."

Hollie is rarely seen on the actress and singer's Instagram profile – last spotted in August 2020 when she recreated a photo of her grandmother.

She sat with her legs crossed and smiling in the same pose as the old family photo, with the two sharing a strong resemblance.

Amanda, who is also mum to Alexa, 14, revealed that she died for 40 seconds and fell into a coma during her traumatic birth with the now eight-year-old.

Speaking on her Heart Breakfast radio show, the Britain’s Got Talent judge credited the NHS for saving her life.

She revealed: "When I gave birth to Holly, she was an emergency and I haemorrhaged basically.

"I actually did pass away for 40 seconds and then I went into a coma but the NHS were there holding my hand and my husband’s hand who – I feel sorry for him to be honest, he went through it watching it all!"

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