American utterly baffled after spotting cellar door on everyday British street

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An American living in the UK has been left baffled at a feature that a lot of British high-streets have.

For those who were born in the UK or have lived here for the majority of their life, the characteristics of our culture are of course normal to us.

Our love of a cup of tea, orderly queuing and going for ‘one’ down the pub are common traits.

But the American expat was left puzzled after seeing cellar doors placed on the pavement.

Taking to TikTok, the American urged users to provide them the answer as to what the doors were for.

He asked: “Can someone please tell me what these things are? They are everywhere on the sidewalks in the UK.”

Although, the real reason for the cellar doors to be on the pavement is for ease of delivery and storage – the American did not quite get this information.

Instead of legitimate answers – they were hilariously mocked by Brits.

In true sarcastic fashion, many people fled to the comments to share their outlandish responses.

One person chuckled: “Doorways to crumpet mines.”

Another user added: “It’s how Mario got to London in the London 2012 Olympic Games.”

A third person insisted: “I shouldn’t be saying this but they are actually small tearooms for British to get away from tourists.”

Someone else voiced: “They lead to the Chamber of Secrets.”

As a fifth person claimed: “The people who control traffic lights are under there.”

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