Annoyed triplet sisters reveal men are always comparing their looks

Triple threat! Identical triplet sisters, 18, reveal they struggle to find love because boys constantly compare who is the prettiest or thinnest – and chat them all up at once to ‘improve their chances’

  • Sisters Sherena, Kayley and Elise Terry, 18, from Kent, said dating was not easy
  • Said hard to find partners because suitors compare them to see who’s ‘prettiest’
  • Some men flirt with all of them to ‘improve their chances’ of scoring a date 

Identical tirplet sisters have revealed their struggle to find love difficult because boys constantly compare them to see who is ‘prettiest’ or try to chat all of them up at the same time to ‘improve their chances’.

Sherena, Kayley and Elise Terry, 18, from Gravesend, Kent, are incredibly close sisters and say they wouldn’t change being triplets despite facing daily comments about which one of them is ‘prettier’ or ‘skinnier’ in a bid to tell the identical sisters apart.

The 18-year-olds have to fight to ‘be their own people’ because boys don’t bother to get to know their individual personalities, instead just flirting with all of them to increase their chances of getting a date.

Sherena, the only triplet in a relationship, also faces rude comments saying that her boyfriend must fancy her sisters since they look so alike, making relationships ‘uncomfortable’ for all of the girls.

But the sisters refuse to let this bring them down and are even capitalising on their brand as an identical trio by pursuing a career in social media and being paid for viral posts about life as triplets, with videos of them in matching outfits being most popular.

Sherena, Kayley and Elise Terry, 18, from Gravesend, Kent, are incredibly close sisters and say they wouldn’t change being triplets, despite facing daily comments about which one of them is ‘prettier’ or ‘skinnier’ in a bid to tell the identical sisters apart

Sherena said: ‘It’s normally boys that compare us in comments on TikTok, saying which one they think is prettier or skinner and sometimes it can be girls as well, but it’s always about our looks.

‘It’s not nice to hear and we just think it’s a bit weird that people feel the need to write that kind of stuff.

‘It makes it harder to find love because boys find it a bit weird that they’d have a girlfriend that has two sisters that look just like her, it definitely puts them off.

‘We get a lot of people saying ‘your boyfriend must fancy your sisters because you all look the same’ but it just doesn’t work like that, we all have our own personalities and differences so it’s just a bit of a strange thing to say.

The sisters said they find it hard to be their own person, because people are always comparing them with them with one another

‘We understand why people think it but we are our own people and it’s just a bit uncomfortable.’

Elise added: ‘Boys will try and message all of us at the same time to increase their chances of getting a date, which is very annoying.

‘We tell each other straight away if a boy has messaged us so if it ever happens we just don’t reply. We don’t have the same type anyway so we’ve never fought over a boy.’

The girls’ parents Lisa Terry, 49, and Paul Terry, 47, initially thought they were just having one baby, their first child.

But the 12-week scan revealed an extra one, then two babies, giving the first time parents the shock of their lives as they had only planned on having one child.

Sherena, Kayley and Elise, pictured with their mother Lisa, now 49, have always been extremely close 

The triplets have been compared and confused for one another their entire lives growing up as identical sisters, even by close family and teachers when dressed the same or wearing matching uniforms.

They have gained a large social media following for their striking similarity and often test their loyal followers by switching places in photos and videos but say long term fans can now tell them apart easier and will notice.

Although they have a ‘natural’ similarity in fashion sense and benefit from being able to share clothes, as they get older the girls are developing their own styles in the hopes of projecting their individual identities and being compared less.

Elise said: ‘Our teachers used to get us confused quite a lot so we had to be separated around the class so they knew who was who.

‘But our friends can tell us apart much easier because they get to know our differences and personalities better.

‘Our nans, grandads, aunties and uncles used to get us mixed up a lot because our mum would dress us in the same clothes when we were little and they still do get us mixed up sometimes.

‘People who don’t know us that well can never tell us apart. We understand why people get us confused but it can get a bit annoying and repetitive sometimes.

‘Sometimes in our TikTok videos we switch places to see if people will notice but most of the people that have been following us for a while will notice.’

The trio, pictured when they were younger, have always liked to have the same hairstyle and have gone for the same look over the years

Finding partners is hard for the 18-years-old, pictured, who admitted men are sometimes put off by how similar they look 

The triplets, pictured, explained they share the same clothes and makeup because they are the same size, but have different style and tastes

Kayley added: ‘We share clothes and makeup because we’re the same size and like a lot of the same stuff but we do have our own styles as well which make us quite different.

‘I think liking a lot of the same things comes naturally with being triplets.

‘We do like dressing the same sometimes especially for TikTok because people seem to like that but then it does get annoying when people compare us and say ‘the one in the middle is prettier’ or something like that.’

Lisa with her husband Paul, 47 and the triplets on holiday in Orlando when the girls were younger

The three women, pictured, have a strong presence online where they share about their life as triplets

Even though men compare them to see who is the ‘prettiest’ the trio are close and said they wanted to remain close to each other once they move out of their parents’ home 

Despite the pitfalls of being identical the sisters say they wouldn’t change being triplets, as they share an unbreakable bond as three best friends from birth.

The inseparable trio also plan on moving out and getting their own places in the future to become more independent but say they will never be far from one another.

Sherena said: ‘We really enjoy being triplets because we can always hang out together, we have a really strong bond and we do everything together, we’re best friends.

‘We have the same friendship group and hobbies as well – we do ballroom and Latin dancing together.’

Elise said: ‘We’d definitely like to still be close when we move out. We’ve said we could live in the same building but different apartments and that way we’re still close but have our own places.

‘When we do eventually move out it will be quite weird after being so used to always being together so we will have to get used to it.’

The triplets, pictured, have the same friendship group and share the same hobbies. They said they have a very strong bond 

The triplets sometimes like to dress the same for the pictures their share on social media, pictured

Lisa, pictured right, and her three daughters are all into Latin dance and attend classes together 

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