Anti-Plastic Author Not Happy When Book Is Wrapped In Plastic

It’s 2018 and the fight for cleaner oceans has never been more prominent – especially for one author. Martin Dorey, an advocate for banning plastic waste, penned a book on the subject titled No. More. Plastic. What You Can Do To Make A Difference. Dorey has now been left horrified as a US distributor has sent out copies shrink-wrapped in the very product he’s combatting against – plastic.

Clearly enraged by the thoughtless act, Dorey called the decision to wrap his books an “absolute shambles.” He went on to share his disdain on his Instagram account, criticizing the move for undoing all of the hard work gone into his efforts and pointing out that it shows how simple things like this can cause great harm. Penguin, the publishers of the work, have also expressed their concern, saying, “I hope this image makes people stop and think as we head into a busy Christmas period.”


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SLEEPWALKING INTO OBLIVION. So here's my book. We toiled hard on this. We worked with the printer to make it one of the UK's most environmentally books this year. And then this. It's an absolute shambles, undoes all our hard work and proves, once again, that we are using plastic with our eyes closed. We are sleep walking into oblivion, using plastic without thinking because it's what we've been doing, it's the way we do things. The thing is that EVERYTHING HAS TO CHANGE if we are to avoid fucking it up for good. We have to reassess everything. Your reusable mug will not be enough to save the world! We all have to do everything at every level to stop the stupid senseless use of plastic. I know my publishers are working hard to stop this in future but it still happens further down the line. It makes me very sad indeed that we are so clever, and yet so stupid. More news when I get it, but for now we don't know who is responsible. #2minutebeachclean #2minutesolution

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Mr. Dorey was responsible for launching the Two Minute Beach Clean campaign in 2009, encouraging visitors to the beach to spend two minutes each time collecting and correctly disposing of litter washed up on the shores. During the production of his book, Dorey worked very closely with publishers to ensure it was made in a manner that wouldn’t cost the environment. As you can imagine, both the author and the publishers have been less than complimentary about the US distributor, with the Cornish-born writer branding them “idiotic”.

Penguin and Mr. Dorey hope that by bringing the matter to the forefront of attention by posting the picture to highlight the issue. His 7k strong following also voiced their dismay at the issue, with some calling it “heartbreaking”.  There is also some speculation that online retail giant Amazon is responsible for the shrink wrapping, but according to Dorey’s response to one of his followers, he is not willing to confirm or deny that information until they receive confirmation.

In the meantime, the eco-warrior hopes that the mishap will further educate people on the issue. Shrink-wrapping books and other items such as video games or movies is still worryingly common, especially around this time of year when people are buying gifts for Christmas.

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